I'm afraid of dying


How old I am when this diabetes gets me? Will I see my children get married? Will my husband remarry when I'm dead?

Everyday question :(

I'm really..really scared.


Hi Karmela,

None of us like this thought. Whether we’re diabetic or not. The point is not to worry about the things you can’t control, but rather to spend every day to it’s fullest and enjoy what’s available. Sure, the thought of death will always be in the backs of our minds, but we won’t be wasting the beautiful lives we have.


hey karmela,

thanks for your honesty & bravery in sharing this. sending love & support…


Who knows Karmela, I guess that’s the big question that we all wonder whether we are Diabetic or not! The one thing that is sure we will all meet our maker. However with Diabetes there are things you can do to be around on this planet as long as possible including being scrupulous about keeping really tight control to prevent long term complications…make it your mission!!
Being diagnosed with Diabetes is not a death sentence! You will find plenty of people on this site who have been diagnosed for 20, 20, 40 , 50 + years. You’ll find we are a very supportive group and We’ll be around to support you too!


guys, I can’t thank you enough for the comments. I thought this site would be just like any other sites where people actually only ‘talk’ to active forum members. I’m new here but already feel better!
Thank a million! :slight_smile: