I'm afraid to go to the doctor

I'm completely confused. In November, my brother left the hospital emergency room and he died shortly after in his bed. As they could find no other cause they are saying it must have been diabetes.
I saw my doctor before Christmas and I told him about this. He was clear that my brother "must have had a different type of diabetes". Really? Until June we were both prescribed the same meds which simply did not work. Of course, we were both pushed and pushed with the diet and exercise stuff as well. Even now... the doctor's advice to me is lose more weight and get more exercise.
I weigh 130 right now and get plenty of exercise. I have just recovered from neuropathy and diabetes-related infections in my legs. The way I was able to accomplish this was to stop taking the drugs that were causing my numbers to go sky high. I was pleased that he at least gave me B12. I can't change doctors because this is the guy who took the non-compliant off my record, supported me when I stopped the sulfs and was the first to prescribe test strips. Following the advice on here really helped but managing my numbers is a constant battle. How can he tell me that I have "just a little bit of diabetes"? He did promise me insulin if the numbers went up again but, now that he has built his new practice, he has forgotten that and is just like all the others...pills, diet, exercise.
So now that I'm clinically depressed... I know this because it is familiar and always triggered by grief... I'm afraid I will lash out or burst into tears at my appointment next week. I just want to scream that the only test for pancreatic function of T2s in this country is death!! I hope that posting this on here will prevent me from saying these things to the doctor on Thursday. I want to stay quiet get my prescriptions for Metformin and test strips and get the h out of there.

Thanks to anyone who listened to my vent.

I'd be looking for a new Endo pronto. I don't know your history of managing this disease, but at least here in the US when you transfer care to a different doctor, you can request those medical notes be sent to the new Dr managing you. They can then review all the other Dr's treatment notes, etc. I mean I imagine several of us have had our histories of being "non-compliant" this is a hard disease to have to live with on a daily basis, what matters now is how compliant you are being. Don't settle for sub-par care. If you are confused with your treatment or feel you could benefit from additional treatment your Dr is not giving you then definately shop around. You always have to be your own advocate, and if something isnt making sense or you are unsatisfied move on. Find someone who clarifies things, will support you in your treatment. Good luck.

Whoa, IMO you need to get to a new endo. NOW. I don't know how tall you are, but at 130 pounds, I don't think you should be told to just lose more weight. I am 5 feet tall and just under 130 pounds and my endo says my weight is fine (I am pretty muscular).

What is your A1C?
What is your fasting BG?
Have you had your c-peptide/insulin levels checked?
Have you been tested for antibodies?

Type 1 diabetes (which is when your body isn't producing enough insulin) is usually the result of an autoimmune disease. There is no diet or exercise that can stop this process and it can start in adults (contrary to what many believe; about 50% of people with type 1 are diagnosed as adults). In some adults, the onset is slow, so at first they may seem to benefit from dietary changes, exercise, and oral medications. But the need for insulin is guaranteed.

Did your brother die from DKA?

I think many of us have struggled with not getting the care we need and deserve from our doctors. In the end, we have to realize that we must "rage against the machine." Nobody is going to advocate for us, we have to be our own champions. If you are getting the care the you need and deserve, you need to take control. You need to be up front with your doctor and if you can't work with this doctor, then you can see other doctors.

I agree with the others in this thread. Time for a new doctor, since it is obvious this guy isn't the answer. If you're scared of this guy why bother to go see him? Any doctor can put you back on a so called "compliant" list, whatever that is. Why is he trying to label you anyway?

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could take a Tudiabetes buddy or two with them to the doctor? Write our names on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket, we'll be with you in mind, if not matter. Just know you're not alone, and you're not the only one who has been called noncompliant and probably a few other things. Someday you may be proud of that.

I agree, you need a new Doctor!! 130 lbs? and wants you to lose more weight? No.....I have had many doctors that I just wanted to slap. I changed until I found someone that I liked and made sense. YOU are not alone....we are here to help and support each other. Please try to find another doctor. I wish you the best and keep us posted. xo

Hi Peetie , have you considered filing a complaint with the Canadian Medical Association about the advice etc. you received from GP ?? http://www.cma.ca/
And Doctors don't receive much Nutritional Services training while in Med School ...less than one day ??? I recall my GP ...PS I liked the person , when I was diagnosed ( 1983 ) saying to eat 1400 cal ...I met with the Dietitian and we figured I was eating and needing because of the " movements( called exercise ) " I was doing daily 2100 cal ..at 139 lbs

Perhaps bursting into tears would be productive.

Depression is a natural response to feeling ignored & hopeless. You know what is said--depression is anger turned inward. Finding another doctor would help with utter frustration & anger. Taking positive action also helps lift the dark cloud. Terrible & unfair that we have to fight for our lives getting what we need. Doing battle is no fun.

Appalling & unconscionable often how people are misdiagnosed & how reluctant doctors are to prescribe insulin when it's clearly indicated. They don't want to take the time to educate about insulin & risk liability. Better we should die.

Good friend of mine said today the major cause of depression for diabetics is our doctors. I laughed when he said that, but believe it's true.

After my last appointment, I sat in my car sobbing. I was so livid that the tears wouldn't stop. Rage! Know how you feel beating your head against a closed mind.

Sorry to hear about your brother.

One thing for sure this is the best place to vent. Is the doctor you are going to now an endo or family doctor? If you are not going to an endo it would be in your best interest to go to one to give yourself the best possible healthcare you can get. For me I just changed to an endo a few months ago and she found out I was T1 instead of T2 by doing some blood work.

Wish the Best.

I'm very sorry about your brother. Just having diabetes doesn't mean you are going to have complications. But keeping bgs higher than 140 will definitely lead you to complications. What meds were you and your brother both on. Many times doctors are not as aggressive with Type 2 diabetes as they are with Type 1 diabetes. But both types can get complications. I know doctors think if type 2's lose weight they have nothing to worry about, but that is not always the case. If your bgs are too high you will lose weight and that is not good weight loss. Can you give us an idea of your HbA1c and average daily bgs. Also diet is very important in bg control. What type of diet do you use to maintain good bgs?

Gerri, I so appreciate you sharing that. Sometimes when I leave the doctor's office I feel like I'm totally out of step with the rest of the world. Even though I KNOW - because my body keeps me well-informed - that he's wrong.

So sorry you've felt the same, Jan. We're listening to our bodies & know. Our doctors aren't listening to us & taking us seriously.

Iam so sorry ,living w/ a chronic illnes is a noted as extreme to moderate stressor. I find drs forget what they said they would do often. I think today you have to cooperate w/ them but they gotta cooperate w/ you but here in my area most specailists have caseloads of over 800. Sounds as if your doc is having those issues. I now know you gotta shop around just like you would for a car or contractor.It sounds as if your guy is not listening. I am so sorry about the loss of your brother . I cant imagine how scared you would be dealing w/ the same issues and getting no help. I would definitely push the issue of insulin and look for a new endocronologist.

Thanks for always being there Judith. ((HUG))

Thanks so much Maggie. It's so good to be able to have listeners who understand.

Hi Jeannie. Thanks you for responding. The drug we were taking at the time were Metformin and Diamicron (glipizide, gliclazide). I was able to get the A1C down from 10.1 to 6.3 almost as soon as I stopped it. My brother who had been taking many other drugs throughout the years, did not have the same result. Actually, none of the drugs he was prescribed over 18 years had any effect. I'm glad you mentioned the weight loss as my brother insisted that his recent weight loss was not by choice...and yes...he was also told to lose more. I do low carb. I really feel guilty that I was able to get better because I was diagnosed later in life and was able to learn from the mistakes made with my brother.

Hi Uniboy. So good to hear that you finally got a proper diagnosis. I did see an endo and he was the one who ignored the neuropathy and infections. I don't think I'm T1 and I doubt a doctor or endo here will order any tests.

Hi Gerri. So sorry to hear that you had that experience. I can't believe how hard it is to get respectful care these days. So good that we are all here to support one another. ((HUG))

Thanks Robyn. I'm glad you were able to find a good doctor. I have not been on TuD much lately. How did you manage with your eye surgery?