I'm back again!

Hi everyone, I’ve taken some very important steps in my life and just wanted to share with with other fellow diabetics.

I’ve moved forward with my life no more sitting and letting this disease take me over. In the last year I’ve had devastating news about my eyes with bleeding going on behind each eye. I want this to stop. I feel the struggle with my eyes everyday now and I don’t want to lose my sight.

I’ve started dancing 3 times per week and have a personal trainer 1x per week. I am going for my Zumba Fitness certification March 6th and so glad I’ve made this commitment to myself. I love to dance and hate to work out, so if Zumba keeps my body moving and the sugars down I’m so happy I discovered it!

Getting certified will boost my confidence all the more and maybe I’ll start instructing from my home. Baby…steps…