I'm Back and I live in Denver

So it has been a while since I have been on here. But I will give an update for any that are interested.

Since working in Saudi Arabia, I have been working in Aberdeen, UK; Ijmuiden, NL; Stavanger, Norway; and now I am no longer doing the commuting international thing.

I have moved to denver to work in an office and have a normal life.
It was a choice I made for family as well as health.
I am super angry about loosing my endo, and things like that.
But It will be a more stable, Stateside life.
By the way, I am still working on my medical certificate to work offshore in Norway. This is how long it takes. It has been a year and still they are not approving me to work offshore. I am not made though, it was the first kick in the butt I needed to start taking my diabetes seriously.

I saw a post on here from a woman that had an a1c of 5.2. She follows that Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution . I think I am going to buy that today.
I have already started to eliminate carbs but I think it is going to be hard to convince my girl to follow along with this plan. It is so hard to do things like this alone.

So back to the Denver thing. My company has put me in temporary housing until I find a new house. So I get to walk to work every day. I walk to lunch, and I love keeping track of my mileage with my iphone. I try to get at least 5 miles of walking every day.
This city seems like such a great place and so healthy. It is so friendly to dogs, I bring mine everywhere.

Well I have to go back to work, I have missed this place so much!!!

Nice to meet you! I like Dr. Bernstein's book *however* I am not willing to give up all of my goodies and, frankly, I like fighting for my right to "party" whether a party means toast with breakfast or beer and tacos. Perhaps I *cheat* by running regularly but I've been in the 5s for several years on more moderate carbs than Dr. B advocates, usually around 100-150/ day. I will agree with Dr. B that eating less carbs or even "low carb" can make your blood sugar quite smooth pretty easily. I totally agree with his stated goal of having normal blood sugars too.