I'm back & Endo visit today

I'm back from my trip to the Gulf Coast. It was beautiful down there. I did get some nice pics of sunrises, sunsets and the waves and stuff. If anyone is interested, they can be seen here: http://flickr.com/photos/ladytaz .

Endo Visit Today ....

I love my doc, he cracks me up ... he says, well Melissa, you hit a new low today!!! Usually that is a bad thing, but in this case, it's a GOOD thing!! Your A1c dropped by 1% down to 5.9!! [ YaY! Go Me!! *giggles* ] Then he says ... now the not so good news .... your Cholesterol is still high, it dropped some, but not enough, it's still too high, so I'm gonna put you on a med for that. Ok, I said. I knew that was gonna happen, I didn't even expect it to drop any! My weight, well ... we won't go there! LOL I'll just say that since I started on insulin in Feb, I've gained a total of 10 pounds. BOO!! :0( Oh well, at least my BG's are great!!! :0) My BP was 116/73, so the Lisinopril 20mg is still doing it's job well, my insulins stay the same: NPH 15u AM & PM and 1:10 ratio for the Regular, that's going perfectly he said, and now I'm adding Lovastatin 20mg to the mix for the Cholesterol. I go back in Jan. for my next check up.

All in all, a good visit, in my opinion.

Great job on the A1C. I know how much hard work goes into that. Woohoo for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Karen :0)

I think 5.9 is great! :slight_smile: well done!

Thank you! :0)