I'm Back!

Things have been kind of hectic around here for the past few weeks. My daugter finally left her husband and now she and her three kids (7, 4, and 18 mths.) are living with me. I will do anything to help them out. So, after living alone for nine years I am re-adjusting. There have been a couple very stressful situations with the husband and the in-laws. But, she has a great lawyer and some good amo to use against him for gaining full custody of the kids. Also Michigan is a mothers’ state. I’ve missed being on and reading all the great comments.

Glad that your back Liz!! And I hope that your daughter’s problems are worked out as smoothly as possible! In the meantime, enjoy some time with the family… they are lucky to have you!

Welcome Back Liz!!! I hope all goes well with your daughter and her kids:)

Hi Liz,
Glad to have you back. I know things must be pretty chaotic for you right now. It is really fortunate for your daughter you have room in your house to help her out. We did this a couple of years ago and i will be forever grateful for the chance to help. It made a huge difference in our daughter’s life. She is fortunate to have you… It took quite a while for us to help our daughter get things worked out. But with you all working together I am sure you can make it fine. My prayers will be with you all.

Hi All, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. The kids saw their dad for the first time today since Aug. 23rd when he came to my house and got violent with their mom and myself, (pre-trial on that is the 25th). He was allowed parenting time from 12-6 with his dad present and a court order to have them back by 6. His dad picked them up and dropped them off. The kids were very nervous about seeing him, afraid he would hurt them or not bring them back. It is so sad that when divorce happens the kids seem to suffer the most. They did end up having a good time and Jennifer and I had some quiet time. Thanks again and thanks for listening, it helps.