I'm back!

Hey guys!!! Finally got a new computer and got my future son-in-law to set it up!!! GOODY!!! I’ve been gone since right after Christmas and oh boy at the stuff that’s happened!!! I’M A GRANDMA AGAIN!!! Savannah Nichole Benthal was born on April 21st at 7:57 A.M. weighing 9 pounds 8 oz and is already as big as a 3 month old!!! My youngest joined up I don’t know the last time I was here! So now I’m the grandma to a 19 month old girl and a 1 month old little girl. I really can’t remember all of the stuff right now but I just wanted everybody to know I’m fine and I’M BACK!!!

Doris! I missed you!!! I am so glad you are back! Congrats and God Bless I am so happy for you Grandma!!!


Well, welcome back, Doris.

well it’s about time! you were very missed!

Thank you guys SOOOOOO much! I’m really glad to be back and should I say as sassy as ever??? HA!!!

Hi Doris Ann, and welcome back. We did miss you… …you were the one that welcomed so many of us.

Congratulations on your new grand daughter. I know you are feeling so blessed.

Hope you are feeling well.

I’m glad you’re back! We missed you.

Welcome back Doris - I’ve really missed you!!


Way to Grandma!!! 2 little ones to cherish and mess with!!! How will you ever survive?
You will. I had to “suffer” thru 4 grandsons before my little girl came along. My picture has Nathan at 5. I love all mine, as I know you will love yours. There’s a saying that “grandkids are the reward for not killing our kids”. Truer words were never spoken.

That’s sooooooo ture!!! And YES I WILL SURVIVE!!! Ya’ know I love these little ppl more than I kove their grown mom. But when she was their age I loved her and her sis ( 17 months apart) as much as I do the lovely granddaughters of mine now! They don’t talk back yet!!!

sooooooooo pleased about your gorgeous grandchildren … seeing Dicks post, I do so believe that - I have five - four granddaughters and one grandson…the eldest is SEVENTEEN on Saturday…they have been and are, magic in my life. Thanks so much for your sensitive and warm post on my blog, Doris. Cathrynn X

Welcome back!! And congrats on the 2 cute little newbies!!