I'm back

I am back and hopefully I will not forget to log into this site like I usually do. I’ve been going through a lot since my last time I was logged in. I moved into my own apartment and have my lovely cat Calvin who has figured out to wake me in the morning when my sugar levels are high. He is my wonder and he wasn’t even trained to do so. I do not want to get up but he is telling me I need to check to see how high I am.

I am currently working at a grocery store which proved to make my credit score worse than it already was. I've been extremely depressed not only on this matter but the fact that I can't get my life in order. I've been job hunting and really want to get back in working at a hospital. I want to go back to school to become a nurse. Its a rewarding job in my own mind and the scrubs are sooo comfy.

I am finally going to get my license on 9/3/2010. It the date I set myself to get my stupid license as I'll be turning 33 the next day. I am going to spend my birthday weekend in Montreal Canada. I am so looking forward to it and hope that it will be the beginning of a renew life for me. I wanted to get my 33rd year of life off the ground by taking a trip where I can be free, and think about what I want in the year 33 of my life.

I've known since 1997 I've suffer from OCD & Depression. Back then I've tried two different medications and neither of them works! I recently can add PTSD (post traumatic Stress Disorder). Some of my friends thinks it can be CPTSD (the C is for complex). I am going to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for that. I just started so its new. Next month when my psychiatrist returns from vacation, I'll start taking or I should say, try taking Prozac and one other type of meds. I can't remember for the life of me what it is.

I am also thinking about going on the pump. As much as I enjoy using the Humalog 75/25 mix pens, I want something that will control my sugar levels a bit better, give me the freedom to stay at the dinner table with friends, and not have to do the shots before hand, etc. So I meet with my educator next month to talk about that. I'll take the class at the Joslin center and see if its for me. I am hoping it will be. I just want to be in normal range.

So this is my update. I am hoping to be on here more as I said. I shall see what happens as time goes on.

Just remember as stable as things may seem, everything is temporary… All things must pass. And they do. You just hang in there! Things will turn around for you.

Thanks Craig…I am just wanting a normal life and be happy with what I’m doing, etc. Right now its just hard to even get there when I’ve been struggling for too long

Amy, do you know about the pumpers group that meets in Woburn every month? Saturday morning from about 9 through noon. They may help answer any questions you have about pumping.

Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. I’m with Craig, things will change and hopefully for the better. My only suggestion is to focus on the most important thing first and try to ignore everything else until you’ve changed/improved that.

Bernard, I dont drive currently. I’m going for my license in a few weeks. I hope once I get a newer job I can save up for a car & insurance. But for now, I walk, take the train (if I have the money) or get a ride from my friends.