I'm baffled

Here’s a question that I have never been able to stablize in my mind…

I swim at 7:00 in the AM; I test at that time, and then I have to eat, or I’ll be floating at the bottom of the pool, if that were possible. I usually take a fruit or a protein drink (usually Slim Fast) with me. It gives me enough energy, isn’t a whole meal, and I don’t have to worry about my sugars bottoming out in the middle of my 45 min swim. YET, it’s not a meal, and I do eat breakfast when I get home, usually bran cereal, milk, fruit, and a protein. With Weight Watchers, I have had two breakfasts — or used about 9 points out of 27 for breakfast. Can you see a way I can get what I need before I swim, I can’t stomach cereal in the AM, at least that early, and still be able to have a balanced breakfast when I return? I know it’s not a big deal, but the SF really does help to regulate my BG’s and gives me a good reading after swimming.

Any ideas would be appreciated

I think that you could easily split your breakfast into some carbs and protein before swimming, and some protein and fat afterward. You don’t have to have a big breakfast post-workout. Consider that what you eat pre-workout is essentially breakfast. But after a workout, protein will help build your torn muscles. Milk, fruit, and cereal make for an enormous number of carbs at breakfast post-workout, especially when you already piled on carbs from the fruit and slimfast.

I eat a slice of toast (16g) to get my morning carbs and some turkey bacon and scrambled eggs for the protein and fat. 4-5 points tops. If I add a workout, I have one item pre-workout - like a 2pt granola bar - to keep my sugars up during the workout.

Your idea of “balanced” is actually heavy on the carb, regardless of the classic idea of getting all the food groups in. I suggest worrying less about the food groups.

Hi Cathy!

I agree with Melissa - proteins and good fats are your friend. I could not do all those carbs and expect to have good BG, even with exercise. Low carb is the only way I know to achieve good control. The whole “balanced,” food pyramid thing is kind of old school, esp for PWD.

Check out http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/

Take care

Have a lighter lunch, like a salad with a little protein. 1/3 of your points in the morning is not too bad, and you get activity points for swimming, right?

Thankfully, I vary what I eat in the AM. Sometimes just for lack of time, it’s a fruit and toast on the way out the door. But I do need that protein in the AM and no getting around it. I’ve proven to myself that without it, I can have horrible results in the pool. I’m not so concerned about food groups as I am about having the sugars balanced.

I am off to bike to day, no swimming. It’s a NU step at my clinic, so I’ve had a 1/2 bagel, ham slice and homemade cream cheese. Good, filling for now, and when I am done, I’ll have an orange to balance things out. I’m a big vegetable and fruit person, so if there is anything that I am heavy in, it’s that department.

Guess I don’t explain myself very well, when I am asking questions, have to give more details as to what I am doing.

Lunch is usually very light, unless we are having a lite dinner which we do during the summer months. Just can’t get up the energy or desire for a big dinner. So I take might have a bigger breakfast a lighter lunch and a much lighter dinner with snacks of yogurt, fruit and vegies in the middle. If anything I do have to watch the fruit intake with as much sugar as some fruits have in them