I'm Curious about I:C ratio's

Hi Everybody,
I find it very fascinating how different wew all are even though we all share a common Lifestyle (disease)…
I was just wondering what everybody here uses as I:C ratio

I am diagnosed T2 and use an I:C of about 1:4. I also count protein as half carbs.

1:7 am, 1:11 afternoon, 1:6 evening.

1:2, all the time. :frowning:

presently …7 am : 1:28
11 am :1: 22 I usually eat Lunch after 11 am
3 pm : 1:17
6 pm : 1:16
PS I have pump set at 12 am : 1: 22…however I hardly eat at that time of the night .; it may not be the correct ratio ??

PS …breakfast contains the largest amount of carbs of all meals /snacks .

1:10 is my standard. If I exercise, I change my bolus, but always start by thinking what the bolus would be at 1:10.