I'm eating a donut

Yeah thats right…and I’m not even low.

It the twisty glazed kind and yes, I took insulin and I checked my blood sugar a second ago and I’m good. No its not the breakfast of champions, but sometimes, you just gotta eat that donut.

Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?

I hope it was fresh and sticky good! :wink:

Right on Dino!!! EAT THAT DONUT!! Do you have an extra?

LOL. I love you guys.

I think the founder of Krispie Kreme should be sainted and Little Debbie right beside him!!

“I logged a lot of miles training for that day. And I downed a lot of doughnuts. Little Chocolate Donuts. They taste good, and they’ve got the sugar I need to get me going in the morning. That’s why Little Chocolate Donuts have been on my training table since I was a kid.” John Belushi SNL 1977.

One of the greatest quotes ever, in my humble opinion…:slight_smile: