Im experimenting til i can see my PCM

I managed to get a one touch ultra mini yesterday at the PX with (Drum roll, please) test strips. Its going to be almost thanksgiving til i can get into see my doc. Every meal and bed time Im going to test and record every reading. Im doing pre meal and 2hr post readings. All my meals are being recorded also. This way i can actually see what meals are good for me, and other ones i will have to adjust it to make it work for me. Plus hubby can figure out the meals he can eat with me or fix something else for him.

This morning was bad i woke up ate Fiber Plus ceral

3/4 cup of ceral with 1/2 cup 2% milk.

pre meal 95 mg/dl then 2 hrs after 144mg/dl. At first i though well that breakfast option is out, then "hey, stupid bc you were testing and eating half asleep you forgot to take your met afterwards." So Im going to have retake that one tomorrow.

I have one of the top docs on post too, so it going to be interesting none the less, when i come in with my meter, notebook full of meals and readings, plus my civi's doc med records.

I have offically learned the military medical system. Do the leg work yourself and your will finally get the treatment you need.

It sounds like you’re on top of things, I love experiments. I think that having military experience, and the discipline that comes with it, will probably be a huge benefit to you in managing things. It’s very easy to let things slide, but the better control you keep now the better off you will be in the future. Good luck!

Way to go on your experiment. :slight_smile: Keep it up. I mostly do the egg thing for breakfast… I can’t have cereals much anymore. but I also don’t take any medications, and only control my spikes with diet and exercise… One trick that can help with your morning spikes is going for a nice, casual walk, for 20-25 minutes or so, before breakfast. :slight_smile: It’s really great. It helps lower those postprandials nicely, and it gives you better blood sugars throughout the day, too. I also walk 20-25 minutes before bed. Nothing strenuous, just a nice, casual walk. :slight_smile: Good job getting on top of things. My husband and I eat the same meals every day… (I don’t cook him separate meals) mostly because he also has Diabetes, but also because it’s easier to tackle something as a team. I will keep other foods for him, in the cupboards for snacks, and such… (not junk, but things I myself would probably not eat…) but as for meal time, I just make one dinner, or variations of naughty dishes to make them healthy… just to make life easier. I still eat burgers, and pizza, and mac and cheese. lol I just make it at home, and significantly different than before. :slight_smile: Can’t eat lettuce forever, ya know? :slight_smile: Sarah Lee 80 calories and delightful buns are lower carb… 14 grams for 1 bun… and I make an egg crust for the pizza, instead… and I use Dreamfield’s for the mac n cheese… things like that. :slight_smile: You’ll find your own tricks.

Cereal is generally hard one for some. Check the carbs. Often alot of people are more insulin sensitive in the morning than later in the day so even a low carb breakfast will make BG rise more than usual.

How long have you been taking the Met? It takes a while for it to get really working in your system. Sounds like you might be new that is why I ask.

I remember my first breakfast testing and on met. I had plain oatmeal -tasted like glue. I can’t remember what I started out at but 2 hrs later I was at 250 something. Ha! Well, I haven’t had oatmeal since. I can’t eat it unless it has some sugary in it. The raw plain stuff is just not good tasting. At that point, I was scared to eat anything - I was so confused about the whole diet thing. But it does take a while for the met to buildup in your system and the numbers to get more “regular” so keep that in mind if you are new taking the met. You still have to watch those carbs though. Met only does so much unfortunately.

Yep, there is alot of experimenting with this disease. Pretty soon, you will get a little diet down of your own of stuff you know you can have that works good for you most of the time. Sometimes you will get some surprises though. There will always be some experiements to do even years down the road. :slight_smile: It can be really interesting sometimes.

I have been on it since May so its in my system. My first bad tasting thing was vanilla sf fro yo from TBCY it tasted like dish soap.

My husbands metbolism is completely different from mine, his runs in high gear all the time. He has lost over 20 lbs since his deployment started before Christmas, he doesnt have enough to eat.

Breakfasts i think once we are back on a normal schedule, will be bacon and eggs or pancakes something protein and low carb ( i have new hope mill diabetic pancake mix). Something that will last me though fitness classes after he goes to work. I love oatmeal especially quaker weight control in banana bread.

I got to thinking i wonder what my sugars were like before i was dianogsed with PCOS/ insulin resistant. Before i would eat pizza or ramen for breakfast. The few blood tests i was able to get that were fasting my blood glucose they told me was were fine, my breakfast premeal today was 95 so i never get super low, my sugar were probably only going up and never down below normal. Knowing the moronic chimps at our last post they never check my A1C or insulin levels.