I'm feeling very hypo but I my blood sugars are perfect

I must admitt I have beencareless with my diabetic care in the past and have had hba1cs of 12%.Now my hba1c is at 7% but I feel terrible.I have no energy and I am so hungry all the time regardless of how much I eat.I can’t concentrate when I feel like this.I realise my body has to adjust to normal blood sugars but it has been almost iver a year with good control.If anyone has experienced this or has any advice please let me know.This is really really bothering me as I am questioning whether I will be able to continue with college.

I have discovered that I have lower blood pressure numbers when I am feeling hypo… go figure.

First off congratulations on the 5% reduction in A1c. Well done! So, what is it that your eating i.e., what kind of eating plan are you on? I think a year of less high BGs and your body should have well acclimated. I suspect there is something else going on.