I'm getting a pump!

My pump is coming as soon as it goes through at my doctors office!!! I’ve been on shots for over a year and I’m really excited!!! I’m wondering do the medtronic pumps come with a belt clip?

Congrats! It will make your life a lot easier.

mine came with 2 clips, but i use cute cell phone cases from dollar store, good luck, I have had mine since Jan and so far so good

Thanks guys! I’m really excited!

Thanks for the reply Dave! I can imagine that in was an awesome joy to be able to get one after all that time!

Now I’m just waiting for my insurance to verify it then medtronics is sending it!!!

Welcome to pumping! I had to go through 52 years of MDI before I got mine.

My 522 came with both a clip and a holster. Both of them clip onto a belt or pants top. The holster swivels so you can wear the pump vertically or horizontally. I wear a stainless steel ID necklace that gives me a place to hang it while I’m changing.

Thanks! I know I’m very blessed to be getting a pump so soon!!

congrats there,hope it makes your D better

Yay! You will love it. Comes with belt clip (2), but you may also want to look into finding a cell phone or ipod case for those days when you just don’t feel like showing it to the world. I got a bunch of ipod cases in different colors when I first got my pump. It fits perfectly in there. Only problem is that they don’t make them anymore as ipods have gotten so thinner over the years.

Thanks a bunch!!

Congrats! As said above, it comes with both the belt clip(close profile) and the holster. I personally don’t like the holster, but I do use the belt clip. However, the best ‘clip’ I have found is just my front pocket!

I highly recommend a spibelt for working out as well(or for any activity). They are great!

Good luck with pump start!

Hey Danielle I had a question. I love the spibelt idea but was wondering if they are large enoungh to carry more then just a pump? like my mini meter, cell phone and glucose talbets.

My MM722 came with two different belt clip options. Good luck!!!

How exciting! Congrats!

My Minimed came with a two belt clips, a holster, a variety of infusion sets, a spring-loaded mechanism for inserting infusion sets, a pile of books, a complimentary “Pumping Insulin by John Walsh” book, a new glucometer, a USB thingy for sending pump data to my computer, and a number of other goodies.

Have fun, and good health!

Thank-you Maureen!!! I’m really getting excited! I’m new to tudiabetes and really apperciate all the support!