I'm getting my Cozmo pump this week!

I decided that the omnipod is too new for me to want to get yet. I want to wait a few years so they can get the “kinks” sorted out. And plus, I am proud of wearing a pump and I love for it to be showing on my belt loop. I feel that with the omnipod, I’m trying to hide my diabetes. I dunno, I’m weird I guess. Anyways, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! thanks so much for all the other diabetics out there that helped make this decision so much easier. God Bless :]

I wholeheartedly agree with you.I will be getting a pump soon also.I wasn’t supposed to get a pump until May 2008 but I got in to see my doctor sooner.I will feel the same way you do about displaying my pump.Congrats!


ur going to love the Cozmo :slight_smile:
my daughter and I both love ours