I'm going to start Atkins

I know a lot of people get angry when the word “Atkins” is mentioned, but I thought I’d throw it out there to see what kind of advice I’d get. So here’s my thought:

I’m looking to alter my diet to be a bit more diabetes-friendly. Weight loss isn’t an issue for me at the time being (thankfully), but I am concerned with maintaining my weight. I have a tendency to lose and gain weight rapidly. So, I was toying with the idea of a no-carb diet.

Why is this a bad idea?

I don’t think it is a bad idea if you can stick with it and stay balanced. Many folks go on Atkins and end up eating too much fat and don’t get enough vitamins and minerals (I guess you could say they are not really following the plan right, they see low carb on a label and ignore the fat grams in the food). So if you can do it without going too heavy on the fat calories, I say go for it. A lower carb meal plan of any type will help your BGs.

I would take an honest look at foods that you would not want to give up and if that list is long and you know you will slip on a certain plan, consider a different meal plan. Personally I love carbs too much to go on Atkins. I do very well on a South Beach diet. If I stick with phase 3, my weight stays the same and it is not a hard meal plan to stay with. Phase 3 includes healthier carbs that are lower on the glycemic index so I don’t get BG spikes but I can still have some of the foods I just don’t want to give up. Plus I can maintain this type of eating easily without having to buy “special” foods.

Remember that whatever plan you go with that weight maintenance is all about figuring out how many calories you need to take in to maintain your weight. You can do this with any diet, it is all about what you take in versus what your body burns. I know people swear by certain diet plans and if they work for that person, great. But you have to be able to maintain those eating habits long term.

I think it is a great idea if you can tolerate it. I briefly read about the Adkins diet and it seemed like another trend, but I talked to my friend and he shared a book with me called “Protein Power” from the mid '90s and it claims that low-fat diets fail. Their research says that high levels of carbohydrates, increases BG, which increases insulin needs, which leads to obesity, and high blood pressure. I do not follow their plan but take their advice and modify it to my own needs. I basically cut out bread, rice, and potatoes, maybe cut out is too strong, I have very little. Like last night for dinner, salad, burger patty, cheese, fresh corn, and about 10 french fries. I did have a higher than normal BG at 1-hour (probably the fries) but I basically try to minimize the starches. I have been running a pretty low BG level and am due for my HA1c next week. I have spoke with a few people on this forum and they support a low-carb diet. Good luch.