I'm having such a rough week!

This has been such a weird week. My stomach has been doing flip flops and my numbers seem to be higher than usual. I have been taking Alka-Seltzer about 2 times a day. I just feel horrible. I don’t have the energry I normally do. However, I have been going to the gym every day. I just feel so listless. I am so tired!!! What could be causing this? I’m staying in out of the hot weather so this can’t be a factor in the way I’m feeling.

Anything change in your life Clee? Are you on medications? Heat - even though you are staying out of it, can be sapping. Why ae you taking the Alka Seltzer - headaches or stomach upsets?

I’m having stomach upsets. I don’t think it’s the medication. So far, nothing has changed in my life or daily activities. I’m also not sleeping very well. 'm up and at the gym by 6:30 a.m. and I’m tired by 10:00 a.m., and just having an overall rough time of things, Ziggiy. I take Cymbalta, and a few weeks back I was out of it because my mail order Rx said it was not time to reorder. Well, I called my endo doctor and she had me come pick up some samples. Before that, I noticed that I WAS having trouble concentrating on work (I work from home) and other things. I just didn’t really want to do anything. I’ve been taking my meds regularly but I just can’t seem to get a grip on things as of late. I take glyburide/metformin 5/500 3 x a day, cymbalta 60 mg, norvasc 10 mg at night, and benicar. I also take Novolog on a sliding scale and Levemir 45 in the A.M. and 50 in the P.M.

As I said, I work out EVERY DAY. In the past I have been so enthusiastic about going to work out…now I feel like I’m just to beat to it, but I force myself to go by saying, there is nothing physcially wrong wtih you…just do it!

I have got to have a really good talk with myself. lol

Sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. Do you think the Alka-Seltzer could be interfereing with your meds. Also, you might want to check on the side effects of Cymbalta and if you missed doses you could be in withdrawal. The heat wears me out even when I avoid it as much as possible. I had 3 nights I only slept about 3 hour and yesterday I slept about 12 hours and I am totally tired today and trying to stay awake. I think its the heat and the change of seasons.

You could be right, Peter. I’m just not with it. I’m usually really energetic and everything but this just seems to be getting to me. I’ve been on Cymbalta for about 3 yrs now and it seemed to be working really well until I had to be off of it for a few days. Do you think I’m still trying to catch up with the Cymbalta getting me back to where I was before?

Finally for the first time in my life I live in a house with central AC, and that helps SO MUCH. But still…in heat/humidity spells like we’ve been having, I am still out of sorts and feeling icky. That may be part of it, despite staying inside. Hope you feel better soon.

I wouldn’t have any idea what could be wrong but I hope you feel better soon.

Sometimes no matter how we try, we can still end up on the go slow. Could you be pushing yourself too hard maybe ? Some of your symtoms sound like a mild depression. Higher bloods don’t help this, it could also be hormonal. Start writing down how you feel physically and how you feel emotionally too… If its physical your mood will improve of course. Maybe you just need to rest your body and mind for a while. Sitting inside trying to avoid the heat can definitely change ones moods and energy levels, especially if you are used to being on the move most of the time.

I AM accustom to being on the move. I woke up this morning and decided to sleep in and delay going to the gym. Believe it or not, I feel so much better. I got up around 7:00 a.m. in stead of 5:30 a.m., had a leisure cup of gourmet coffee and stayed in my jammies until 8:00. THEN I went to the gym. My workout was much better and I even had more energy. Maybe I AM burning the candle at both ends. All I know is I was so out of it yesterday. My mood is way better than it was yesterday or better yet, all week. My blood sugar was 128. I think I’ll do what Josephine suggested, which is writing down what I’m feeling physically AND emotionally. Doing the same routine may have also played a part in how I was feeling. Chaningg it up today did help. Thanks you guys. You are the BEST!

The hot weather is over bearing. I keep my home at a cool 73 degrees, but maybe it’s the having to stay in until it’s cool in the evening is getting to me. I get out in the mornings and it helps.

Thanks Ellie. We have always had central air, but have not always had heat like this.

Thanks Molly!

I think I now know what the problem might be…I think I’ve got a 24 hour bug…at least that’s what I’m hoping it is. I have been nauseous ever since I last posted that I feel okay today. I have been throwing up every couple of hours and feel horrible. I work a bit and lay down a bit. I’m hoping what ever it is I’ve contracted will leave me alone by late evening. Surprisingly, blood sugars are okay.