I'm in AWE

This is my day of reckoning. This is my first blog and I’m in complete awe at how optimistic T1 are! Such positive outlooks. I never imagined, I’m sooo incredibly impressed. I wish my D daughter could be here right now. I don’t have the best relationship with her because she considers me a nag about her D. The fact that my daughter is a ‘D mama’, that I come from a long line of worriers, that my daughter doesn’t have a handle on her bg (she’s still somewhat in denial after 2 years) so she’s working on long term complications from skipping insulin shots and meals. She was diagnosed 1 month before she was pregnant and everything came too sudden and too drastic. Of course, she’s dedicated every ounce of her being on motherhood instead of herself. She’s 23 but I’m afraid she might be on a spiral downward if she doesn’t stick with it. She rarely sees her endo and never been to an Ophthalmologist for an initial baseline exam. She tried the Animas for 2 months but with the baby she’s quit completely because of the tubing she says. I can’t afford the Omnipod pump without insurance so we’re waiting for an answer from them. I’m praying they respond with yes so she can start back on her path to health again. At least for my granddaughter’s sake if not for hers. You’re a real INSPIRATION…stay positive…you’ll be rewarded, ALL OF YOU.

I wish your daughter the best. Sometimes, it takes us time to come to terms with this “D”, I am sure she will come around and appreciate your concern for her. Just love her and stick by her side.

Lianni, I’m so sorry that your daughter got diagnosed right before getting pregnant! Wow, I can’t imagine two big changes like that right in a row. It must have been so overwhelming. It takes a while for almost everyone to come to terms with having D and accepting it. For me, it helped when I felt like my parents weren’t nagging but instead were sort of commiserating. It helped when they said, “Oh I hate this for you. But thank goodness you are responsible and have a resilient nature so you can deal with it well.” That sort of thing definitely encouraged me.
Keep us posted on how your daughter is doing! I really hope she can get on a pump. For me, it was so liberating!!

It took me four years to take this seriously. Hopefully she’ll come around soon.

Take heart in knowing that diabetes does allow for “re-dos.” No matter what damage has been done along the way from high blood sugars, it is possible to regain control (or get on the path toward it). But that has to be a personal decision. Family support is good and wonderful. But it doesn’t forever fix the meals, and take the injections, and treat the lows, or worry about the suddenly blurry vision, etc. (OK, yes my wonderful parents did those things from years 4 through 21. Thanks, Mom and Dad! But there are many years after 21 and I’m fully in charge of those!)

One big thing that helps is finding other people who understand. I applaud your love and concern for your daughter. Just as I applaud the same from all the loved ones of PWDs (people with diabetes) who enrich this site. You can show empathy and support and encouragement, however, you can’t truly know what it means to live with diabetes day in and day out. So the next thing to do is point your daughter here. That’s it. Step back, let her discover she’s not alone, and know that she’ll eventually forgive you for the “nagging.”

Motherhood and diabetes are two of the toughest (and most rewarding) things I’ve ever done. I’m sure some of my worst A1Cs came during the years when I allowed being mother to my son and my full-time job to take precedence over my diabetes.

I agree with what everyone has said. I think we all have gone through our phase when we just do as we please without thinking of the consequences it will have on our health. Your daughter has gone through 2 major changes in her life. Living with D is hard, but certainly manageable once you start taking small steps towards getting healthy. Give her some time, but do try get her to visit this site. She will discover that she is not alone.

I’d love for my daughter to see ALL this awesome support! She’ll eventually come around, then I can show her how many truly caring people you all are. I’m sure right now she still feels alone. She actually told me yesterday that she was going to the dr. next week. I’ll keep you ‘posted’ ;o) MANY, MANY THANKS!!

I emailed the site to her but I don’t know if she opened it and I don’t want to ask or she’ll turn off. I do hope she saw it. She doesn’t come over my house long enough to show her the site on my laptop. She’s adverse to many things that I suggest. She’ll eventually come around I think. You guys are exactly what she needs but it will take some time. THANKS for caring!