I'm in shock!

My flatmate always opens a lot of windows, and we’re living on the 2nd floor. I close the kitchen window at least if my cat is not locked in in my room. But today he must have been too fast. When my flatmate had gone out to meet some friends, I heard a cat outside, and imediately thought of Nisse. I called for him everywhere in the apartment but he didn’t come, and when I look out through the window, I could recognize him even in the dark! He must have falled down, or jumped from the 2nd floor, through an open window in a moment I didn’t see it. I don’t know for how long he’s been outside, or where he’s been. But when I realised it was my Nisse meowing outside, I had to RUN out. He came to me directly and I carried him back inside. Was some struggle on the way inside, he’s not really very fond of being carried, but I had no choice. I didn’t bring his leash with me when I ran downstairs because I don’t know where it is at the moment (somewhere in one of my closets) and didn’t have time to look for it. He’s an indoor cat who only goes out in a leash, he hasn’t been outside on his own since he was about 8 months old (he’s over 4 years old now) and at that time he lived on the countryside. Now we’re living in the outskirts of Sweden’s 3rd biggest city! He’s only been living here for a month too. And we’re yet to go outside. I was planning to take him out this afternoon, but both me and him were too tired. But tomorrow I’ll take him out for a walk if the weather is nice. I’m just totally shaky now by shock of seeing my wonderful cat sitting outside like that. He could have gone to the main door where I wouldn’t have heard him, or he could have been meowing outside the wrong windows, or gone too far away and gotten lost or been hit by a bus or a car. I haven’t put a name tag on him yet either since he’s an indoor cat. But I think I’ll have to do that now in case something like this happens again! I do have him ID’d though, with a tattoo in his ear, but that would have meant many phonecalls for the person who finds him, to find me. It’s easier if he just wear a collar with my name, addres and phonenumber in it!

I’m just so totally shaken and in shock right now :frowning: And VERY grateful that I got him back directly and unharmed. It must have been quite a fall from the window! If he gets killed by a car or run away, I don’t know what I’d do!