I'm Jumping In

This is my first blog post. I have read many blogs. I have related to a lot of them; learned from many others. I have thought about starting a blog many times, but I have wondered if our diabetes story is the same as everyone else’s…if it is worth writing down for others to read…if anyone would even want to read. I have decided that our story is unique because it is ours and while struggles with diabetes are the same all over everyone’s perspectives and solutions are different. This blog will be about our perspectives, our solutions…our story.

I plan to write about our daughter’s diagnosis, about the toddler days dealing with the “big D”, her tween years, and her teen years when things are seeming to become more complicated. Living with diabetes for almost 12 of her 14 years has proved challenging and I know the challenges will continue and change as they always have.



You should write. You will learn and you will help others to learn. My daughter has had D for 12 years and this is my sons first year. While the disease has the same name and similar characteristics…it’s not the same for everyone. Everyone manages differently. D affects people differently. You definitely shoul write.

We would love tp hear from you Debbie. Diabetics may be so different from each other…yet so many things we can similarly share =)

I look forward to reading your story! Yes, please write!

Debbie, please write about it. There are many parents, teens, and even us old-timers who might be helped by your experiences. We are all about helping each other, and sharing what works for us.