I'm new and wanted to share my story

I’m new to this website, but I’m looking forward to finding support and giving encouragement.

My husband and I are in the process of adopting an infant domestically. The minute I was diagnosed w/Type I, I knew adoption was my best choice. My doctors weren’t supportive at first, telling me I should have “my own.” :frowning: Anyway, I’m glad we are on the path to adoption, and though it’s not right for all w/diabetes, it’s right for us. If you have any questions about adoption, please let me know. I love talking about it!

Check out my blog, too. I talk a lot about diabetes and adoption.


I have looked into adoption for years because of my Diabetes and always fealt like it was something I was born to do. I am trying to get myself in shape for pregnancy one day, but will always keep adoption in mind. Let us know how everything goes. Congrats on becomming a mommy soon!!!

Thank you! I wish you the very best, and let me know if you ever have discussion questions.

I think that is really awesome. It takes very special people to be adoptive parents. I have always felt that I would like to adopt as well as having my own children.

I have also been thinking about adoption-- since before I had diabetes. I think that adopting is a wonderful way to grow your family! But I don’t think that diabetes should be the only reason for adopting. I had the same reaction when I got diagnosed (deciding that now it was certainly the way for me), but now I am re-considering… after having heard about so many diabetics women with ‘normal’ pregnancy. The best part is that nowadays-- both are options! – so each family with diabetes can and should decide for themselves. All the best to you and your husband, Rachel! I hope that your child finds his/her way to you soon!

Thanks for the sweet words, Kristin!

I am all for each person w/diabetes choosing how and if to grow a family. :slight_smile: I have had unstable sugars for over a year, and I know that pregnancy would endanger myself and the baby. I’m not willing to get preg just to have “my own” as so many people say. What they don’t get is that an adopted child is “my own”—just different.

My mother-in-law kindly suggested that I should adopt, which I always wanted to do even before I was diagnosed. I feel like I don’t want to loose this battle without a fight. I want to try at least (which we haven’t at all). I think it is amazing that you are adopting, is it a long and lengthy process? Even if by some miracle if I do get preg. I think I would still like to adopt. Congrat’s on becoming a Mommy SOON :slight_smile:

There are four general types of adoption:

1: Domestic—within the US.
2: Internatinoal—outside the US
3: Foster to Adopt—adopt a child through the foster care system
4: Embryo—one can “adopt” a frozen embryo that the biological parents are not going to have implanted

Each one has its own set of guidelines, regulations, and circumstances.

We are adopting domestically. There are three types of adoption in our arena:

1: Open—becoming more common. The child, the child’s birthparents, and the adoptive parent have open communication—phone, e-mail, letters, and sometimes visits. Each party has lots of info on the other party.
2: Semi-Open—letters are exchanged. Information is known.
3: Closed—the least common. The child’s birth parents have no contact with the child and the adoptive parents. Limited information is known about the birthparents—mostly just medical history.

There are so many adoption options available.

Of course, cost is a major factor. Adopting through foster care is the least expensive, generally, and the kids are usually older, in sibling groups, and/or have special needs. International ranges from 20,000-40,000. Domestic (with an agency) is 15,000-25,000 or with just an attorney 5,000 and up. Embryo adoption—I’m not sure how much that is.

There are things that can help w/costs—you an fundraise, apply for grants, use the tax credit, and see if you or your spouse’s employer will contribute. My husband’s company gives us $5000. :slight_smile:

Adoption is not a process for the faint at heart. One has to go through the homestudy process (inteviews, fingerprinting, paperwork, etc.) and the “waiting” process (after you’re approved, the great WAIT begins). There is no average “wait” time. It’s all situation based.

I don’t think adoption is for everyone, but it is an awesome option, one I’m thankful for, considering my diabetes.

Just remember that adoption is so much more than just adding to your family. It’s a difficult, emotional, educational, and , of course, wonderful journey!

I know this is an old post but I just wanted to say that I think adoption is a great choice and a wonderful gift for a child who’s in a bad situation.

I was adopted when I was three months old and I feel truly blessed. My parents are my parents, my sister is my sister and that’s that. Blood ties mean little to me.

One piece of advice for parents who are thinking of adopting: Do the best you can to get information on the baby’s family medical history. The problem I’ve faced in my life is that when medical professionals hear me say I don’t know my medical history, they take it as me saying I have no medical history. This can lead doctors to not screen for diseases and illnesses that might actually be prominent in that blood line. I know very little of my medical history, and because I was part of a closed adoption, I only know what happened in the family up until my birth. As a parent, you need to advocate for your child and perhaps push for early screening when necessary.

It’s been almost a year and I still haven’t been properly diagnosed. If I knew whether a not my family members had say, Type 2, then it would certainly help me figure out what type I am.