I'm O+ blood type, what are you?

I have herd that some blood types are more pron to auto immune diseases. Just throwing this one out to see if anyone has herd this, has more info and to see if we have a pattern. thanks

never heard this, but I’m O+ too!

I have no clue what I am! lol

news to me too , I am O plus another topic : have not donated since I was diagnosed in 1983 due to restrictions …had done about 35 donations by that time

I’m B+

I’m O+ also! Wow, a pattern is emerging. Afraid I don’t know anything about blood types & autoimmune diseases.

I don’t know my blood type and would like to find out – but I’ve been told that typing is an expensive test and generally isn’t done unless for a specific need.

Any truth to that?


A Negative.

If they told you you are a universal donor then you are 0+ as am I.

0+ is the most common blood type at something like 40%.

A -

I made it 24 times before I was diagnosed. I called Canadian Blood Services and they said you can’t give blood if you’re on insulin.

It’s not expensive at all if it’s just to find out your basic blood type. Takes 2 minutes. Bet your local Red Cross would do it for you free.

I learned mine in high school biology lab. We drew blood, put drops on a slide & added antigens to see which one reacted. Very easy.

Never heard this before too… interesting though
Im B +

Jessica, you’re a rare one:)

I’m B+ too!

I am 0+

I’m B+, although I would have thought it’s only going to mean something if a rarer blood group predominates - if the pattern is only the same as the distribution of blood types it doesn’t really tell us anything other than blood type isn’t a factor!

It’s a shame the CBS doesn’t allow those on insulin to donate. I have no problem with the American Red Cross or other private companies in the states. As a B+ type, about 10% of the population, they’re happy to see me, too.

I haven’t heard about it either.I’m A+.