I'm Pregnant!

I am SO thrilled! We recently discovered that I am pregnant with our first little baby. It is due on September 8th. I'm highly encouraged that this will be a successful pregnancy, my a1c is great (6.6 at last count, still waiting on my results from my lab work), and I feel like I've planned enough with my health to be as ready as I can be! The pump is set, the first appointments are made (and some done, I already have my first baby picture!)

I could not be happier and my husband is completely thrilled. YAY!

Congratulations!! We hope to be there someday! So I will ask for your advice :slight_smile:

Best wishes!!!


Congrads Dara!!! This is an awesome time in your life:) Don’t freakout about all the cruddy pg stories out there. Every pregnancy is different:) Focus on you, getting ready, that wonderful time of preparation in making sweet things for that wonderful Blessing that is growing.
Something I did for my children was keep a little diary of my thoughts and tiny fun incidents that we could read together and laugh about. ( I burnt a pot of beans cuz I was daydreaming about my first baby) etc… Cute stuff. When he learned to read; we read that book together. It was cool! Plan some special traditions that you will celebrate with baby and Daddy. :slight_smile: Blessings MeadowLark

I hear your enthusiasm Dara, and congratulations! By the way, your due date is my youngest sons birthday (he’s now 13). I had him in the pre-pump days, and everything was fine. My best advice is to not get so stressed out about every little high bs. Yes, control is important, but stress doesn’t help the matter.

what happy news!

Congrats! You and baby will be just fine!

Congrats!! You and the baby will be fine. This is a great time in your life.

Congrats to you and your hubby.

wonderful news.