I'm Sick... This Sucks

I’ve been sick for two days now.

I got an ear infection last Tuesday- so severe that I had an actual hole in my left ear drum. Not pretty and I still don’t know what caused it. I didn’t have any “trauma” to my ear, no water parks, no blood on my Q tips, etc.

So, the ear doc put me on Ciprocal (I think that’s how it’s spelled- I’m too tired to check). Everything seemed fine… until this past Wednesday, when I started sniffling and coming down with a fever. Now, it’s Friday, and my fever hasn’t broken yet, it’s gone down a few degrees and is now resting in the mid 99s, my body is aching aching aching and my eyes are burning.

I’ve been sleeping for pretty much 15 hours the past two days (I"ve even reluctantly called out of work)

My BG has been pretty high for the past two days too. In the mid 300s to low 200s. I’ve rarely seen it below 200 these past two days. I feel low because I’m dizzy, but I also feel high because I’m “foggy”. My heart is racing and I’m sweating, but I’m not hot. It’s really uncomfortable.

But, regardless of what I’ve eaten all day long (two salads and a bowl of cream of wheat meticulously measured out) my BG won’t come down. I’ve taken two correction boluses, two hours apart, and my BG is still in the 300s.

I know that I injected exactly how much I would regularly need for the cream of wheat. I was very precise when I made it and ate it.

I’m just so tired… I think I’m going to go back to bed now. I’ve been up for three hours and it’s really exhausting.

Is it possible that I’m allergic to Ciprocal? I told the doc that I’m allergic to Penicillin. Are they related at all?

Also, how is it that I came down with some sort of flu while I was on antibiotics? Isn’t that weird?

I am so sorry you are sick. Being sick is really a drag especially when you are so sick that you can’t even enjoy being off of work.LOL. Being sick in the summer always seems worse. A person is just not suppose to get sick in the summer. Being sick is for winter time.

In answer to your flu question, the flu is a virus and antibiotics only work with bacterial infections. Just being sick especially if you have a high fever can cause your BGs to go crazy. In fact unexplained high BGs for a few days can be a signal that you are coming down with something. Cipro might be the cause of your high BGs but I really don’t know and as we all know everyone is different and reacts differently.

Please take care of yourself and I hope you get better soon…

Sorry you’re sick & feeling this bad.

Cipro isn’t related to penicillin. I have bad reactions to some antibiotics & they make me feel sicker than the illness. Since you still have fever, maybe you should ask your doc for something else.

Could be that what started out as an ear infection is moving to other parts of your body–another reason to call your doc.

Antibiotics work against bacterial infections. The flu can be due to a virus & antibiotics don’t help with viruses.

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

I’m sorry to hear you are sick! It is never fun to be sick in the summer. Your body is cranking out sugar to help provide energy to fight the infection. The heat is also part of the fight. Your doctor should know or be told about any sickness lasting a couple days while on antibiotics. The antibiotics can be causing it, it can be unrelated, or the flu can slow the recovery enough you need a second round of antibiotics.

Did they happen to tell you how long it should take the antibiotics to work? Some work in 3 days others it take the full 2 weeks.

Do you have a sick plan for your insulin? I have to raise mine 20-30% with some illnesses, others I can leave it. One of those easier on a pump things.

The heart racing thing makes it sound like an allergic reaction to me, but what do I know. If you have the phone a nurse service in your area I would give them a call. Otherwise I would give the ER a call and ask if you need to be seen. They won’t always tell you over the phone. If it is a reaction to meds I would hate for you to wait until Monday.

Good luck, feel better, and let us know. I’ll be thinking about you and wishing you better!

Aww! That’s too Bad Marps. Sorry to hear it. Especially about your ears. Fever always raises my blood sugar. I sure hope that you will be feeling way better Very soon.

Hi! Thanks so much for the well- wishes.
My fever broke in the afternoon on Saturday. I slept for about 18 hours on Friday, which seemed to help a lot.
I got about 2 dragging hours of fresh air on both Thurs and Fri. Then, Saturday I took a few naps throughout the day, but spent much of the day outside, trying to clear out the air in my body- I don’t know if this was a “smart” thing to do or not, but it seemed to make me feel better any way. Like opening the windows after being cooped up in a room for a few days.

Sunday I slept much of the morning and afternoon, and spent the evening walking and outside. Went to bed pretty early.

Today, I’m back to work (yay) and am a bit tired and a bit dizzy, but otherwise fine.

I have a follow-up appointment (previously scheduled) for tomorrow morning for my ear infection, to see if there is any permenant damage.

Thanks so much for your well wishes! It’s so sweet!

Glad to hear you are feeling better. What a rough go of it.

I was born with a hole in my right ear drum. Over the years it closed but once in awhile it opens and I get the earaches. When I was given Ceclor which I think is the same thing as Ciprocal I developed an alergy but it gave me hives really bad. I had to be put on Steroids to get rid of it. I’m sure the infection in your ear is what’s causing the high BG. Not much you can do but ride it out. All I can suggest is drink alot of water. I hope you feel better soon.

As far as going outside goes my philosophy has always been when I’m sick: if you are craving it, do it. Sometimes as I’m recovering I’ll get extreme cravings for juice or fruits. To me that’s my body telling me what it needs. Maybe your body was telling you it needed fresh air.

Glad to know you are feeling better.

Oh Marps - I’m just reading of your ordeal - and everyones answers to your plea for help. Glad to see that you’re coming around to better health. I hate being sick and how it can affect our diabetic control - as we all probably can attest to. I would have done what you did tho’ - opening up windows getting fresh air in. As Pavlos says - you were craving for it - and actually that was probably a sign that you were on the mend as well.

Hope the follow up visit goes well for you - keep us all posted!!!

Gosh, what a mess for you!

I’ve never heard of me having a problem with my ear canals or drums, etc. This is my very first ear infection- and what a doozy! haha. It’s feeling better. Have a check up tomorrow morning to find out.

Thanks so much!

Thanks! I’ll let ya’ll know what happens at my appt tomorrow.
You guys are so awesome!