I'm so happy!

Yesterday, I went to see the ophtalmo. I go there every 6 months and yesterday it was for an OCT, to see how was my oedema macula. it’s very closed to the macula and my doctor doesn’t want to make laser because she thinks that this oedema is too closed to the macula and I will lose the vision , for the right eye… So I went with fear, my best friend when I go to doctors. I put my head in the machine and I did not make a movement; The picture appeared on the screen of her computer and, as I was waiting anxiously, she said " oh it’s strange! I must see the last photos that I made last december" and I asked her " what’s wrong with my eye?" and she answered " please look at these pictures, this is the oedema and it is smaller than in december! it’s very well" … I could not speak a word, I was so happy that I was without a sound! My doctor told " Are you well?" … And I started to speak to her about TuDiabetes, the knowledge and informations that I learnt from all the members, the good books that I read , and my new low carbs diet, …
So I came back home with a great smile on my face . It was like a battle and I win it. And this is why I 'm so happy and I need to write it . It’s hard to fight against that terrible “Sugar” but sometimes we can win . But without all my friends i’m sure that yesterday could have been a very bad day.

I’m so happy for you, Brigitte. formidable!

thank you!