I'm such a loser! ;-)

And that’s not an entirely bad thing. I lost 1.2 points off my 90 day test, brining me to a spritely 5.8! My new scale informs me that I have shed 3 kilos of the 10 gifted me by my beginning insulin at Christmas. I have found a better than tolerable low carb bread containing 4 grams per slice of which 3 grams are insoluble fiber. I’m losing a few units of insulin too. I asked my Dr. about gradually cutting back the 15 unit bolus he had prescribed me, and he said to cut it back two units at a time with a careful eye on my BS numbers. The bread is the best thing; I had a two slice sandwich this morning with pastrami, cheese, onion, lettuce with enough mustard to choke a goat, and my fasting of 4.5 rose to 5.5 ninety minutes after. Have a Happy, Hamish, PS, the bread is expensive and has to be shipped over 3000 kilometers!


Congratulations on your “loser” status. Good job. Nancy


Woohoo! Way to go SweetPee!