I'm way too old to have Juvenile Diabetes

New one at the blood test last week. Very talkative lady took my blood. She saw the diagnosis code of 250.01 and the A1C box checked. She said, “Oh don’t worry, dear, I’ve been drawing blood for a long time now and you’re way too old to have Juvenile Diabetes”.

God, it’s so scary how ignorant some medical professionals are! Wow.

You’ll have to excuse me as I go pick my jaw up off the floor… Sometimes I just can believe the ignorance that is still out there. (27 when I was diagnosed with T1)

When I was originally diagnosed (30 years ago), I don’t think that it was automatically assumed that kids with juvenile diabetes (this was before “Type 1” was a common term) would grow up to become grey-haired adults :-(. Not everybody today understands it either and the lack of awareness on the front lines is still there. I have, on at least one occasion, seen my doc write down “250.00”. Maybe that’s another milestone: I’m now older than many of my docs.

Having T1 diabetes used to make me feel out of place, rebellious, anti-authority. Now that I’m older I’m mostly self-satisfied that I’ve done so well for so long. That doesn’t mean the future will be easy but wow, we’ve all come such a long way.

You know I’ve always said that the Juvinale Diabetes NEVER goes away! We live to be grown ups with kids and grandkids of our own! I MUCH prefer Type 1 diabetic! I now have 3 grandchildern both their mom and me were diagnosed at 11 and 10 (respectively) so it really hurts to see how dumb ppl are!!!

It really doesn’t help that JDRF is all about the ‘juvenile’ Diabetes, and have named themselves after ‘juvenile’ diabetes, and on all their promos, and fundraisers, they only have kids… I don’t feel like this teaches anyone anything.

You know that’s what I’ve been thinking for a while Lizmari! I told my kids one day that if you get diabetes you have it for LIFE. I just wish that theJDRF would see that! My personal opinion? They need to put a kid on the poster then an elderly person checking his/her bg and say in the caption “IT NEVER GOES AWAY”

You have to understand the reality that the general public does not read about anything diabetes, and if they do it will ore likely be geared to type 2. The sad part is, how do you make a doctor, nurse, etc., realize that they are uninformed? Especially if the really believe they know what their talking about, because they have a lab coat on??

I’m sorry but, I don’t think diabetes kills people…
It’s the misinformation that kills people…
And the unbelievable amount of faith and trust we put in these so called "medical professionals…

Well, according to what Tim said, if this woman really was talkative, she probably couldn’t shut-up long enough to learn that type 1 can be diagnosed at ANY age, and that it is A LIFETIME disease!! Because it’s an AUTOIMMUNE problem… HELLO??? Is the light on in the neighbor’s house?

I think the person was correct ?? …you appear not to be a juvenile with diabetes :slight_smile:

I am too old also.

That’s a good one.

All non-diabetics enjoy ignorant bliss.

Riddle me this, if my insurance company has me down as 250.0, why do they continue to send me literature
(year after year) geared to T2? Like, gee, thanks so much for the latest recipe suggestion!

Well, not only am I a little too old (30 years T1), I also get looks because I have gained weight on the traditional ADA diet and look way to pudgy for a “real” T1. You meet all types:)

Yeah, me too, and I would have asked to speak to their supervisor. Reality is that a Phlebotomist is NOT a medical professional. You need little more than a high school diploma and a certification (NO higher education)… and shouldn’t be dispensing medical advice.

Love it

Without doing any test, they just assumed I was type 2 because I am African American and I have weight. Having said that, not only did the type 2 meds helped me to gain even MORE weight, In addition I suffered a lot of abdominal side effects.

Even though my C-peptide was low, and the meds were obviously not working, they still could not believe it! Which proves that even in the medical community they DO judge a book by it’s cover… Unfortunately…

They really ought to test everyone, instead just assuming stuff… :confused:

I personally believe that a THOROUGH diabetes testing should be MANDATORY!! I also believe there should be workshops geared specifically towards dr(s) to inform about the latest in diabetes.

What would she say about me ? I was Dx’ed 11 years ago with T-1, and I was 55 years old at the time.

2010 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 250.00 Diabetes mellitus without complication type ii or unspecified type not stated as uncontrolled

This is from http://www.icd9data.com/2010/Volume1/240-279/249-259/250/250.00.htm . So it looks like your insurance company thinks you have type-2.