I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else

I apologize if this seems like a big long rant, but I'm curious to see if this has happened to any other teenager.
A week before Christmas, I had gone away from home for five days to stay with her. It was about a three hour drive away from where I lived, so I was pretty nervous about dealing with my diabetes. I'm on a pump so my mom made sure I had extra sets and insulin and the insulin pens if something should happen. And something did happen. My set got pulled out overnight on the last day, but I was prepared to deal with it. Or I thought I was.
Apparently, I had forgotten the injector for the sets at home, so I couldn't do a new set. At that point, I was so high that I couldn't get a reading on, and I had 3.5 ketones. Naturally, I was freaking out.
Luckily, my friend's aunt was able to drive me home that night so I could fix it. I got home, ready to just collapse from the stress of the day, and we encountered another problem. My pump had broken.
I was literally crying by that point, because it was a few days before Christmas and everything was going wrong. And I felt so bad because I messed up the entire weekend I was staying with my friend.

But that's not what I'm asking about. I was hanging out with my friend tonight, and she was telling me how her mother was taking her and her little brother to go see the new movie, Frozen. Her mother told my friend that she couldn't invite me, because she didn't want to deal with any diabetes problems like what happened before. She said it was my fault that I had the problem in the first place, and pretty much said that it was my fault I had diabetes! She compared my little incident, which could happen to anyone, to something that happened to another girl my age who had an allergic reaction to nuts in her food, something she didn't know she had, and she died.
First off, I didn't choose to have diabetes. It's not my fault that my set fell out overnight. Sure, maybe I should've checked before I left that I had everything, but she has no right to tell my friend that it's my fault that I had diabetes and she didn't want to deal with it.
It just annoys me how little people know, and how I react when people say it's my fault. I felt really bad for what happened. Her mother doesn't need to go and say it's my fault. I didn't choose to have this. I didn't choose for this to happen.

I'm going to stop now, mostly because I feel like I'm ranting, and I'm crying cause I'm so pissed off.

OMG!!! Stories like that make me SO ANGRY!! I don't have type 1....a type 2....but I still did not cause it...it's on both sides of my family! Nor does anyone with nut allergies or any allergies!!
So frustrating dealing with "those people" . They are so ignorant...and SO unwilling to change their views. Perhaps your mom can have an educational chat with THAT mom...all in a means to remain friends with her daughter. I'm sorry you had to encounter this....but, better that you have....because unfortunately, you will encounter more in your lifetime.

Yes it has definitely happened to me! I honestly have just learned to have a thick skin and to just kinda bite at them that "I can take care of myself better than most can!". I'm sorry that it happened to you, it shouldn't have to happen to anybody! Keep your head up! HUGS!!!

I’ve recently had to deal with something like this too, for the first time. I’m in marching band at my school in the front ensemble so there’s about 18 of us that spend A LOT of time together (>40 hrs a week in the summer) so we’re all very close and when it comes to my diabetes they all seem pretty understanding and interested in learning about my diabetes. I’ve always had great section leaders that understand when I need to sit out or when I’m running to the bathroom every 20 min. My diabetes isn’t under great control but I’ve been working really hard this year and have improved. But with that much time together there’s bound to be some times when my numbers just get out of wack. Well this year I’ve gotten a lot of trouble for it. The leaders give me comments whenever I eat something “unhealthy” when someone right next to me is eating way worse and when I “ask” the section leaders if it’s alright if I sit out because I feel like I’m going to fall, I’ve actually had them tell me no… Basically it all led to a confrontation with me trying to explain my situation and them responding “My grandma has diabetes and she never has the same complaints you do” or “one of my friends has diabetes and I never even knew she had it until I saw her with you, so why do you always have to check your BG when I never see her?” It’s very frustrating to deal with, and I know there are going to be more people with the same problems with me, but I guess just keep trying to explain things to them and educate them and hopefully they’ll one day understand. This probably wasn’t a great help with what to do, but wanted to share and say there are definitely other people with these things happening.

Thats happened to me to!!!! it was even my own grandparent who kept choosing my older sister to stay at their place and leave me at home. she said that its because she didn't want to have to deal with it or want to have to learn how to manage it!! so annoying!!! (i never really liked her but still not the point!)

That's never happened to me, but I do make my cousin nervous. If I got somewhere with her and one of my siblings it's fine, but if it's just me and her she starts asking a lot of questions, asking me if I need to eat every five minutes, asking what the heck she's supposed to do if I pass out. It's not too bad. She does it because she cares.