Immediate Gratification Gone Bad

I’ve read the book, watched the video, am wearing the pump(fashion accessory), putting in my carbs and BG just for fun (crazy, I know)…I just can’t use it yet. For someone who has been slow to come back to this technology, I am now ready to go.

However. The DE has been on vacation and it looks that the earliest we can meet is…next Friday? She obviously doesn’t know about me and my need for immediate gratification. I’m already behind; the pump has been in my possession for 2 entire days.

This is a girl who will open gifts early, given the option. My sister will never forgive me for hunting out our “santa” presents before the big morning.

I suppose I’m frustrated because my control has been a bit erratic over the past week and I’ve not obsessed over it knowing my entire paradigm (ha, make that animas) will shift once pumping begins. My future is on hold the music isn’t very good. It’s a bad version of that piano classic by Beethoven Fur Elise. I’m hearing it often as that’s what my pump plays to inform me that although I’ve entered bolus information, I cannot actually bolus. You can hear it, can’t you?

I can hear it, I can hear it! I’ve had my Cozmo for over a month, and my first Joslin appt is July 17, so I have purposely tried NOT to think about it (too much!). But you spur me on-I think I will start logging in my bg’s and carbs too! This old dog is itching (BAD analogy :)) to start learning new tricks! Just think-we are going to be given the FREEDOM to bolus when ever and where ever, even in TINY increments! PLEASE keep me posted on how your journey goes!