Immunizations for children/adults with diabtes?

A very good friend of mine grew up with diabetes in Western Ukraine (she is also a member of TuDiabetes). She studied English and excelled very quickly-- she won a very competitive scholarship to go to high school in the USA, but in the end she could not go because they would not assume the added risk of a type 1 diabetic! She persevered and has been applying to universities in the USA. She was accepted and offered a scholarship and now is preparing her visa and health insurance so she can begin her university studies in the USA this Fall.

One problems has come up-- in Ukraine children with diabetes are treated quite differently and growing up, she did not get immunizations because of her diabetes (and weakened immune system). Is this normal is the USA as well? Do children with diabetes get immunized? Her doctor has told her that she cannot have these immunizations. Is this true? Is it too late for her to have them now?

I have a 5 year old with diabetes. He has received all of his immunizations without any problems. I’m not sure if your friend can receive them now or not.

Thanks for letting me know! It surprised me that she didn’t receive them!

As far as I know children in the USA do get immunizations. Ask the doctor on this site. He is an Internist, and uses a pump. Joel. I will also ask for you, and get an answer.