Impact on kids : )

I never noticed how much of an impact I made on my nieces and nephews till I saw them playing house last week. The kids are 7 and 5yrs. They had a baby who had diabetes. They used a block for the meter and a pen for the lancing device and had little pieces of paper for test strips. What caught my attention was when I heard them say "uh-oh I think her sugars low, we need to test her. She’s hungry and tired. Poor thing " They tested and sure enough she was low! They got some juice(another block) and some crackers(paper with spots on it). Fed her right away and she was fine. They also fed her lunch which was measured and she was allowed a sugar free cookie(made with splenda) if she was in range and feeling good after supper.

I do let the older ones test my sugars but haven’t let the younger ones do it. It’s nice to know that they know what to do if I ever need help. : )

That is great and you would be supprised what they pick up on can be scary. I have a 4 year old he can do everything but the injection that is because at this point he may hurt me, lol

So cute that is amazing children pick up on things so quick,bless their hearts.

My 4 year old grandson always asks me how my sugar is. That game is too cute!

Lucky for you!!!


That is adorable!

Almost 50 years ago (can’t bellieve it has been that long), my 4 year old nephew (4 then!) spooned some sugar out of the sugar bowl on the table and put it in water and poured it in the mouth of my brother, his Dad. It brought him up from a deep “insulin shock” as it was called in those days. Maybe saved his life. No one had ever told him to do this.
Today, kids seem so much smarter/brighter but your 7 and 5 year olds seem very bright!! That is a creative and unique approach to ‘playing house’.

Thats cool.

Kids nowadays never cease to amaze me…they are pretty smart!

I love that story!

How cute and sweet and smart they are!!!You are so blessed to have them in your life!! I am keeping my niece and nephew (10 and 8 years old) for a few weeks this summer… I have always tested and treated around them, since they were very young;… I wonder how they view my diabetes? Hopefully with such kindness and concern as your two!!

God Bless,

What a great story!