Impaired thyroid


I had gone for an ultrasound on my neck for something unrelated to thyroid, and discovered I have nodules…very small. One is 0.4 on the right lobe, the 0.6 on the left lobe. It was also discovered that though my thyroid is not swollen, my left lobe is significantly smaller than the right. Is this indicative of hypothyroidism? I read about Ord’s disease, one of its symptoms is that one lobe is much smaller than the other. Is anyone familiar with this?


Hi Linda, Sorry about this discovery. Here’s a link if you haven’t read this one yet. I hope you get this figured out soon. Have you had any symptoms of anything thyroid related?


There’s the being excruciatingly tired! Dry skin…sensitivity to cold.
Thanks for the link meee :heart:


i have my thyroid checked once in a while when i go for the blodd stuff at my endos, since they discovered atibodies against my thyroid a few years ago. you should be able to check TRH (Thyreotropin Releasing Hormone) in the blood stream, if that is elevated, discuss with endo.
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Thank you Swiss! I will request that one for next time :slight_smile:


I had the ultrasound a month ago, and nodules were discovered. The specialist said they were too small to cause any concern. I am posting another discussion today about hypothyroidism, and a video from Dr. Bernstein.


i was dx w/ HYPERthyroidism in 1987. i was emaciated, sweating all the time (similar to menopause), insatiable appetite w/ endless vomiting. my skin was all red and blotchy, i couldn’t heart pounded was if i were having panic attacks. and last but not least, i had a bulging right eye (protruding from the socket, the way Barbara Bush’s did), and my vision was terribly impaired. my gyno should have picked this up on a routine test, but hadn’t bothered with it. my PC doc didn’t bother doing the test either. it wasn’t until i saw a local country eye doctor (b/c of the protruding eye,etc) that he told me to get a thyroid test. it is a very simple blood test. my endo does one every 3 months when i see him. anyway, once it was diagnosed (it turned into Graves Disease), i had radioactive iodine treatment. it took a while ( somewhere btw 6 months and a year) to slow down to a normal range. now i am slightly HYPO thyroid. all i have to do is take a simple very much used thyroid medication called SYNTHROID. endo s should do this routinely. hope this helps. its such a simple blood test, any doctor can do it, but your endo is the one who will specialize in treatment decisions.