Impatience isn't always bad

I bought an A1CNow kit a couple weeks ago, thinking that it would be nice to check in on my progress after 1 month, 2 months, and so on… Well, I tend to be impatient, so I didn’t really make it that long. I used the first test the day I bought it, and the result was 9.5, a number that most would find horrible, but a definite improvement over the 11.8 at my diagnosis in January. I decided to wait a month from that test date to check again…but again, impatience got the best of me. So I just finished the second test, and I’m very happy - 6.7! Even allowing for the +/- .5%, that’s better than I’d hoped for at this point, and is definitely a good motivator to keep up with the changes I’m making.

That’s a most wonderful improvement! Congrats.

Definitely…what a difference a day makes. Wow! You are certainly doing something right. Good job!

Well done you!

Wow! That’s an amazing result. It would make me wonder about the accuracy of the test? I always figure they A1Cs are spaced out because if you were looking at a test two weeks later, it should still have the first month ‘banked’ that would affect the second test, if that makes sense so that much improvement in a short time would seem to my thinking that the two weeks between the test your A1C would have to have been like 1.5 or 2.0 to get the numbers to change that much?

I have been reading “Baseball Prospectus” so I’m perhaps overinclined to look at it as a “hot streak” but I’d be leery about reading too much into an A1C that changed 3 points in two weeks? Or maybe chronologically, ti represents some sort of “fault line” falling out of your imbedded data? I have not ever played around w/ OTC A1C though. Still, I would certainly update my profile with the better number immediately! LOL…

acidrock23: Yes, my first thought was “That’s a mistake.” And until I see it at my endo’s office in April, I won’t truly believe that I’m in the “well controlled” zone. Of course, it’s always much easier for me to believe the bad things than the good things going on… but I know that I’m on the right track, regardless. :slight_smile:

Latvianchick, Terrie, and Gerri: Thanks! :slight_smile: