Imperial Challenge, Breckenridge, CO 2010

Kind of a late post tonight. I’m sitting around, pondering my blood glucose level, cause I did nothing but eat junk food today, and that’s not good for anyone, let alone a diabetic. And especially bad for me today, because I’m doing a big race tomorrow morn. Not that it’s big for any particular reason, other than it’s one I’ve done a few times, and it’s as hometown as you can get. I lived in Breckenridge, CO for almost 9 years, and then spent some time in Denver, but have recently moved back to the mountains. And while I don’t live in Breck again, I am in the general area and am planning to move back to Breck by next winter, when I hope to buy my very own townhome. So this race, the Imperial Challenge is put on by locals, for locals. It’s one of these races where some people dress up in costumes for, some people don’t train for, and some do. It’s a race where nordic skiers, runners, and bikers all kind of go against each other. It’s a multisport thing. You first bike, then skin a bit, and then you hike with skis on your back or shoulder. In recent years, some people do skin all the way to the top, because skis have gotten so ridiculously wide, and skins are wide, and they can go up a nearly straight wall. Back in the day, people would use snowshoes, carrying their snowboards on their back. It was the race that kind of ushered in spring. And it still does. Chances are (because it’s always held the day before the resort closes) locals are heading to Moab for fun in the sun, or maybe even a week at the beach in Mexico. So the race always brought out people who put on a few pounds during the winter, as they drank beer and ate to much and didn’t do enough aerobic exercise, but now they’re heading to some place where they’re going to be in swim trunks and others will see their pasty, slightly flabby bods. Well, that’s no good, so the Imperial Challenge was always kind of like New Years. A new chapter in life. Summer’s comin’, time to get back in shape.

And the race definitely still has that component, but it also gets the folks who are in shape and never seem to be out of shape. And they kick butt.

It’s also an annual test for me. Can I beat the time I did a year or two ago, when I was training and felt pretty fit? I don’t know. But as I’m a year older, it’s certainly fun to try and see where I am versus a year younger.

I love the Imperial Challenge and I especially love that I’m going to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in some time. I sort of feel out of the loop by moving to Denver and I’m so, so excited to be back. I’m home and I can feel it in my body and soul. Woohoo!!!