Implanted glucose sensor

I have been watching this implanted glucose sensor since it was announced about 2 years ago, They said they would be starting human trials in June of 2012. Their website makes a point of not mentioning it.

It sounds like a dream come true though if it can get approved.
Anyone know about it> post it here.

Here is a link :

I just hope it will be more accurate that the current model.....

it says it's a long term implant, but does anyone have any idea how long it lasts?

They aim for a change once a year, they did it with pigs during tests (link).

They actually did a second animal study after the 2 pigs study.
They published an abstract but there was virtually no media coverage outside of the medical journals. I found the abstract in JAMA in early 2011, they referenced NEJM in that article. They keep saying Human trials are starting imminently. I would like to volunteer for a study like that because it has a very low probability of negative effects. either it will work or it wont.

It seems difficult to find studies like that though. Most companies are cagey about that stuff, but I dont know why.