Importance of rotating sites?

I know it’s important to change up my pump sites, but is the same true with dex sites. The smaller wire leaves no irritation at all, and I find with the higher profile of the transmitter, I have less places where I like sticking it. Should I be worried about tiring those spots out?


Clearly pump site rotation is more important but the Dexcom manual does state:

Avoid using the same spot repeatedly for sensor insertion. Never use the same site for 2 sensor sessions in a row.

I'd say you're lucky if you don't have any irritation at all. I simply alternate between sides of my abdomen. Since the wire is so small it would be nearly impossible to insert in exactly the same place. Their recommendation is probably less about effectiveness and more about not building up scar tissue.

Good advice and back up! I’m simply using opposite sides of my lower abdomen, though I may mix an arm site in there ever once and a while while it’s winter and I’m wearing long sleeves most of the time anyway.

Thanks for the reply!

I also use a pump and I have to choose a new site that is not near a recent pump or CGM site. I have read that a CGM does not cause scar tissue, but a pump can. Something being delivered into your body without site rotation can cause scar tissue, but a CGM is not delivering anything, so it will not cause scar tissue. Existing scar tissue can cause problems at a CGM site, but the CGM will not cause any additional scar tissue.