IMPORTANT QUESTION for Medicaid users

Medicaid users: have you noticed a change in the number of insulin pens you’ve received at the pharmacy recently? If so, have you been told why? Let us know!

Also, what state do you live in?

Are you sure your question is about Medicaid users and not Medicare users? Many get the two mixed up. Medicare is national and part of Social Security. Anyone who receives SS and is over 65 years of age qualifies. Medicaid is not age specific, has a means test and varies from state to state.

Yes, Medicaid users.

No change here and i am in Michigan still get 5 novolog at a time and 5 lantus at a time i refill about every 2 to 2 1/2 months no problem! They are giving me issues though on getting more than 100 pen needles in a month, 100 lasts me 20 days and they want me to wait 30 to refill and i am almost out right now at day 19 thankfully i see my Dr tomorrow! Not sure why i have an issue on the needles compared to insulin big cost difference! Also my test strips and lancets have to be exactly 20 days and i get a 20 day supply at a time!

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