In denial

oh why? think i need help so I won't take my meds than later the next night im throwing up im in denial n i just don't wanna be diabetic but I've been a diabetic for 8 or 9 years now

Maybe I understand you, I was in a denial phase Living a "great life" but now Im paying for that.

Now I know life its not fair or unfair, life just return to us what we throw to them.

If denial would cure it we would all be doing it. Take your meds like a good girl, Amanda. Hugs, Maureen

Like you I have had diabetes for 9 years and have been in denial for most of it. Just lately I have come around and started taking care of myself mainly because I owe it to myself just as you owe it to yourself. It is not being easy but it beats having all the complications later in life. Hope you start doing better so you can feel better. Uniboy