In loving memory

Angels are crying, when the last heart beat has been dying, leaving behind such an empty space, no one can take your place. We’ll never again see your happy face, earth has become such a sad place. I can’t put words to my sorrow, but hopefully it will feel better by tomorrow. My eyes are crying and I just want to scream, how I wish this was just a bad dream. Unfortunately I’m awake, and the bad news today wasn’t fake. Gone forever from earth, but your memory and spirit will forever be with us.

R.I.P Jørn

The beginning of this came into my head on the train from work today. This day has been the worst day at work you can ever imagine. A workmate was found lifeless outside work after no one knows how many minutes since he collapsed. Every effort to bring him back failed and he was pronounced dead at hospital :’( It was one of the workmates I had very good contact with too! Just can’t believe he’s actually gone :frowning: He just went out to have a smoke after lunch, and for once he was alone in the smoking area outside. A while later he was found lifeless and as said, no one knows for how long he was gone before he was found…

It truly came as a complete shock to everyone. And he’s been working for that company for 19 years so many of my other workmates has known him for very long. I’ve been extra worker at that place for little more than a year now. But this guy was someone I got to know very early and could talk with without too much trouble (I don’t speak danish- yet). And I’ve been working with him quite a bit lately due to having that cold the other week and then having backpain for the past 2 weeks. He’s had his arm in plastercast for the last few weeks now after a work accident so he’s been taking the light orders all the time, and i’ve been packing those a lot lately. And I just really feel for his family! I was really crying my eyes out when we had gotten the news that he didn’t make it :frowning: I was crying openly, and wasn’t ashamed of it!

so sorry, Jennie to hear of your loss.

Jennie,I feel your pain & disbeleif…life and its sad moments…

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. :frowning:

According to the information we’ve gotten yesterday and today, he got a rather massive blodcloth in his heart and probably died instantly before even falling over. No one could have done anything then. He didn’t show ANYTHING a few hours earlier, but maybe he did have the classical pain just not saying it, if he had just showed any signs he’d have been sent off to hospital and they could have blown away the cloth before it was too late. My workmates who know him better than I do said he seemed very quiet and tired and a bit pale looking yesterday morning. But tiredness, pale and being quiet can also just be the feared monday morning syndrome. The atmosphere at work has been more or less like on a funeral today. But at least we have been working as much as we can, along with just talking about it and comforting eachother. Many of my workmates had barely slept or slept very poor last night. I managed to sleep okish but not enough hours. And I took a 10 hour shift today because we are quite behind at work due to just counting things on friday and the tragedy yesterday :frowning: I cried when arriving work this morning, but since then it’s like my tears have run dry. I got stronger in a way, at the same time as I felt miserable. It’s a really odd feeling. And I went past the place where he died several times today and it was just so wierd. And while I waited for the bus today, just relaxing. It felt like he was trying to contact me. I could feel his presence very strongly and hear his voice in my head.

But I have to admit, all of us are thinking a lot of what if’s and why’s and how’s right now.