In response to Non-profit being a possible scam

This is in reply to the post that has obviously been removed about the printer ink and The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, Inc providing free supplies… A little more research would have confirmed that it is licensed as a 50I ©(3).
I found that the Islets of Hope have the Charles Ray lll Association listed as a charitable organization. It was also mentioned in a Dlife article …Mary Vandross (mother of Luther) did a PSA for this Association. The site in question provided via the link looks to me that if you buy your printer ink and supplies a portion will be donated to the Charles Ray lll Association. I would assume the reason they are not listed with the BBB is because they are not registered as a member or have not had any complaints. The Charles Ray lll Diabetes Association IS listed with the NC Dept of Secretary Of State as a charitable organization…NC State. Perhaps he went about soliciting for help the wrong way; he should have asked first of course, but I felt he was unfairly attacked. Just my opinion

Hi Kristy,
Thanks for bringing this up.

The decision to remove the post that you refer to had nothing to do with the nonprofit being a scam. The member who wrote the post violated our Terms of Use in numerous ways, which drove the decision to ban him.

We have communicated the reasoning behind the decision to him.

Hope this helps shed light over the situation.

Thanks Manny…