In search of purchasing dexcom sensors, no insurance, and dont want to pay doc bill for a script

Looking to puchase any dexcom sensors for the latest dexcom. Every year you have to get a new script in order for Dexcom to sell them to you. I dont want to make and pay for a doctor visit to get this new script, so i am asking if anybody here has any they would like to sell. I will pay for them with cash, or paypal.

It’s worth the visit to the doc. Possibly even a general physician could write the script, which would be a cheaper visit than with an endocrinologist. Insurance fraud charges from buying/selling prescription items just isn’t worth it.

A new thing in our area is doctors who specifically don’t take insurance and charge a flat fee for a visit, usually around $60-$80. Would definitely be worth it to get a checkup, and get your new script.

From your point of view the addage “penny wise and pound foolish” applies. You should be seeing a doctor regularly to track your diabetes. The script for the sensors should not be the prime reason for a visit to the doctor. Treating diabetes AND ITS COMPLICATIONS requires a broad medical education. Even if you don’t think you need that level of professional help, you really do because you will not recognize the dangers of Diabetes until its too late. Things like heart failure, kidney failure, eye disease, neuropathy and foot infections are just a few common complications of diabetes that kill and maime foolish folks who under estimate the severity of this disease. From a more practical and immediate aspect, Dexcom sensors have a significant failure rate. Over the past year I have had 24 good sensors but four needed to be replaced. Dexcom replaces failed sensors at no cost. If I sold you the sensors and one or more failed, I could not afford to replace them as Dexcom does. At $90 a sensor just one failure would prove the folly of your plan. Frankly, it wouldn’t pay for any individual to resell sensors to you without charging a steep handling cost. If they had any sense they would not want to accept any risks related to your use of sensors they supplied. I recommend you rethink your whole approach. Happy New Year, AaronM

I agree with AaronM. There is a long list of reasons you request should not be pursued.

You need to have someone with prescriptive authority (doctor, nurse practitioner, etc) advising you about your progress in your diabetic management.
Questions: Most doctor’s will not order something they are not familiar with themselves. How will your “off the street” doctor know what to order? How will you and the doc “defend” an FDA inquiry?
Questions: How do you know your current plan is working? Are you having either an A1C or fructosamine measured at intervals? If you are using medications, who is writing those for you?

Maybe the word , ASSUME…is the addage that i would apply to your statement…i keep my A1C under 7, for the past 22 years, i do ironmans and other triathlons and give speechs for diabetes…did not need a lecture about diabetes…i have been using Dexcom for almost 6years now,purchased it went the first one came out, much longer than i suspect you have been using a CGM…so i know how they work, and Dexcom is a great company and does replace ones that go bad, but i have only had them replace 2 or 3 during this time period,…If i would have said that i needed help with diabetes complications or other stuff, i would have said that…i get my blood levels and creatine checked every year…i just need the sensors

I got to admit that even as a self managing diabetic myself I am not sympathetic to your viewpoint here. I call the shots in terms of my diabetes management but I do see my endo every 3 to 4 months. I see it as a collaborative relationship and beneficial.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be making regular visits to a physician for care and to maintain RX’s. Maybe you can’t afford every 3 months but once or twice a year is not at an unreasonable expectation in my opinion. Even if the only value you see in the visit is to maintain current RX’s.