IN the middle of the night

Rather strange question

We have a very dry house, even when you put small humidifiers in the house, so it is very very dry, which of course causes dry skin, and sometimes a sore throat. On t hose nights when I wake up in the middle of the mouth with a case of “dry mouth” and maybe a sore throat, I will stick a sugar free — of any kind of “ose” in it…but lately my numbers have been in the 200’s because of that one losenge (sp) Does any one have an idea of how I can get an accurate FBS in the AM, and still have something for that dry mouth and sore throat?

I am a type II, controlled my amaryl, metformin and januvia, diet and exercise. Last A1C was 7.2 :o( and they redid it and I got a 5.2…

I just don’t know where to go with this…

Do you have one of the humidifiers in your bedroom ? You could put one of them there. Also, instead of taking a lozenge, why not keep a cup of water next to your bed and take a drink.

I have found that for me water is my best friend. I have also found for me that the more my glucose levels are controlled the fewer times I wake up with “cotton mouth” Have you tried a sugar free candy or lozenge?

Try just putting containers of water in front of vents to add humidity to the air. Make sure to change out the water.

Both of these ideas would be wonderful…and can work. I have two dogs, so water on t he floor isn’t a choice, and a glass of water would be shared, I am sure EWWWW. But I have a water bottle that I use for my exercise class and that would work.
I know that I am dehydrated, so water anytime is a good thing, thanks. Amazing how little it takes to make the sugars go up.

There are small humidifiers, made for use in one room, that fit easily on top of something like a dresser. This is where I put one in my room. That way no one can run into it on the floor.