In the News on Yahoo today...sigh

I’ve never done this before; I want to quote a news article. Maybe just the date, time I saw it and title? I hope you will look it up and read it… I dont know how to link articles. Here is the title
" Who should MDs let die in a pandemic? Report offers answers" by AP Associated Press.
Date : May 5,2008.
Time 8:00pm est.
We as diabetics are 5th on the list. sigh…
I know we’re all gonna die some day. To put this out like this makes me angry,frustrated, hurt etc… Why should I try?
Crud. this world has been going downhill for quite a long time… at least in my opinion.
As I posted earlier today… ugh. I cant afford the copays to go to the dr with the current insurance that I do have. That already makes me feel like crap. I’d rather die and see alot of my family that is here on Tudiabetes that works even harder than me at controlling their emotions,bloodsugars etc be able to live! I’ve always known coming from a military brat side of life that the “Survival of the fittest” will live. Still, this makes me mad.
Why bother. Here is another one

“Crud” is so right. But, in reality, we are among the fittest. Because we have to be so diligent about maintaining our health, we need to be smarter than the rest of the population. We have to be better at taking care of ourselves. Yes, we have a condition that makes us more vulnerable, but who is to decide that our lives are less valuable than anyone else’s? Perhaps it will be a diabetic who discovers the way to solve the energy crisis, or cure a common form of cancer. And we should preserve the lives of people who do not conditions as we do? In G-d’s eyes, we are all perfect, and we are all special, and we are all entitled to the same respect from the medical profession. Besides, why would the AMA want to let us die? We are a growth industry for them!!! I would put my exact feelings towards this idea here, but they would only be expressed with words having four letters.