In The Year 2112

Today is Day One of the Wego Health Writer’s Challenge. The prompt for today is “Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you & your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. What’s in it? What would people think of it when they found it?”

The first thing that I thought of when I read the prompt was the song In the Year 2525. Of course I had to find a YouTube video and stick that in here so you are singing that song along with me. Don’t laugh, but I actually own that song in iTunes! When I got to the end of the prompts for the month, the last one asked which one was the hardest. I can answer the last one now – the time capsule!

Since my health focus is on diabetes, I would be putting diabetes stuff in the time capsule. In the year 2012, I have used syringes, insulin pens and vials, pen needles, a Dexcom and an insulin pump. All those things would be placed in my time capsule along with a meter and test strips.

Diabetes Time Capsule

In the year 2032, Dr. Faustman had succeeded in finding a cure for diabetes and every single diabetic in the world had been cured. When Dr. Faustman’s cure started being implemented, they discovered an unexpected “side effect” of the cure – everyone that had complications due to diabetes no longer had complications. Everyone’s eyes returned to normal vision, all traces of neuropathy was gone and everyone that had problems with their kidneys no longer needed dialysis. No Dupuytren’s Contracture, no trigger finger and no frozen shoulders. There was absolutely no trace of diabetes left in anyone’s body.

In the year 2112, only people over 80 years old had been alive long enough to have been in the world when diabetes existed. Most people thought diabetes was just some folk-lure passed down by their grandparents. A PWD means person with dog. No one remembered when PWD stood for person with diabetes. No one walked around beeping from strange devices attached to their bodies.

Dog with ball

April 1, 2112. It is April Fool’s Day and the first thoughts when my time capsule was opened was that this must be some kind of joke. Why would anyone need a syringe? Why would someone keep sticking a needle into themselves when they have bruises all over from the needle? This thing looks like a pager but how do you page someone with this thing? Then they pulled out my letter that I put in with my diabetes stuff to explain what it was.

Time Capsule Letter

For some reason if you click on the letter to enlarge it, it goes to a new screen but is even smaller. If you click again, then it gets large. That is a 2012 bug!

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Hi Kelly, thanks for a great post, full of both fun and hope. I'll take both!

Thanks Trudy! When I started it, I thought I would never be able to write anything, but it did turn into a fun one.