In Trouble at School

Last 2 weeks of school and I’m in trouble. Ive been wrote up twice in a week. Last time, me and Kelly left the gym a little early to go get her some shoes cuz hers broke that morning. Well the coach wrote us up. Then when she found out nothing happened, she got upset. So today we left at the same time as everyone else. She came to my next class and told me I left 7 minutes early and I quote “I’ll make sure you get in trouble this time.” Then she went down to the principals office and told him that we left 10 minutes early. We told him the truth and he wouldnt believe us! Plus she keeps locking the locker room where I keep all my D supplies. Maybe I can get her fired for that…
I hate school

Sorry to hear about this :frowning: Hope that it will be solved!!

parents are great for getting on teachers cases, try it! (locking up part should do that teacher in)