In your Dreams are you Diabetic?

I don’t think so, I don’t usually eat in my dreams.

BUT a month or so after I started on the pump, I dreamed I was outside gardening & my pump got detached & rolled under a hedge, I couldn’t reach it, I remember straining & straining in the dream. So I went around to the other side of the hedge, but as I got there a rabbit picked up the pump in it’s mouth & made off with it! At which point I woke up with a sense of panic, where’s my pump? It was still attached & everything looked fine. I think I tested & my BG was a bit low. The hedge looked nothing like anything in my garden.

I may have had a few more pump dreams but nothing as vivid as that.

I dream everyday,of everything I see, rational and irrational ,of people I know and people whom I don’t know,so it’s pretty weird that I haven’t had a diabetes related dream.

Yes! Mostly in an anxiety oriented way. The other night I dreamt that I swam to an island and then realized I had no source of sugar with me and would probably get low from the exercise. I was alone and panicking in my dream. Then I checked my CGM (even though I wouldn’t be able to check it or wear my MM pump if I were swimming) and it read 181, so I hurried back before I crashed.

D frequently enters my dreams. This is the latest example, but it happens regularly.

I don’t remember any dreams where I was diabetic, but this is probably because most of my dreams do not really reflect my concscious world and sometimes I am not myself (or at least not the self that I am when conscious if that makes sense)…as other mentioned too, food (and really many physical concerns) don’t really play a part in my dreams that often

Annoyingly, yes. Talk about D being 24/7 :wink:

yes, i dreamed one time i was kidnapped and started freaking out because i didn’t have my insulin. I have dream of checking my blood and waking up relizing i was really low. I am sure we dream of it more then we think. It is so much apart of our daily lives that we have different fears about i don’t see how we couldn’t, but at the same time it is not as often in my dreams then it is on my mind during the day.

Thought about my dreams Robyn and I guess it’s just 2nd nature for me to have a pump anywhere I go (It’s like another arm to me) From what I remember in all my dreams the pump is there.

Interesting question. Occasionally my dreams do include some sort of “diabetes” content centering on some facet of living with it, however it’s not a regular occurrence. I assume it’s perfectly natural as dreams are a way of the subconscious dealing with and filing away our experiences, relationships and emotions and diabetes is part of who I am.

My dreams tend to be disjointed and jump from one theme to another. As for those dreams where “D” doesn’t appear I can’t say for sure whether I am or not . . . D just doesn’t pop up in the stream.

Very, vary rarely. But I do remember a dream within the last few weeks that I found out that my bg was 900. I don’t remember anything else about the dream.

I wonder what the difference is between those who don’t and those who do on a regular basis? It’s not like those in the “don’t” column are careless with it during their waking hours.

Let’s find some dream expert and ask him to host a Tudiabetes webinar on the subject.

Wow. I have “Panic” dreams, but never about insulin, testing, etc.

Thanks everyone. I just find this interesting. I have always had dreams so viivd about other things in my life, just wonder why I never dream of being diabetic. HA, Probably will tonight!!

This is interesting alright why some of us do and some do not. It may be just the difference in our personalities, or what’s in our minds when we go to bed, or our subconscious thoughts. etc. I’ve had a lot of wild and weird dreams like most. I know when I was Hypo aware and I was having a Bad low, I would be in a nightmare before someone woke me up. When I was high or normal, I didn’t notice any consistancy in types of dreams in either phase. But highs and lows don’t count on this topic, I guess . Food was definitely not in 90% of my dreams.

Maybe were not Diabetic. :smiley: Bad joke. Hopefully No Diabetic dreams for you Robyn. xo

Hey dear, great question!! You gave me the opportunity to share a very curious thing … When I dream I am low, i am actually low. So i wake up, check my sugar and I find out that my dream was kinda “warning”… I see that as a bless, it always happen to me!! In the dream i am in a stressful situation looking for sugar, in a hiking trip, or at work, so… I am into such stressful adrenalin that my body just wakes up, and I am scared, so thats when i check my blood sugar, and really 100% of times Its just the confirmation that the dream was really a warning :slight_smile:

In my daughters dream last week she was very concerned about her little bro being kidnapped by bad people. She pursued them and rescued him, and spoke harshly to the kidnappers saying- dont you realize he is diabetic!!! He needs insulin, etc etc!! She REALLY let them have it. That is the first time the beetus has intruded any of our dreams thus far.

I have a lot of post apocolyptic dreams. I am always realizing I don’t have my insulin and have to look for some in between avoiding bombs and zombies. So, yeah, it is there, even in my subconcious.

I am like this to! I dream that I am catering for a large crowd of people and am unable to sit down and eat myself, either because there is too much to do, or people will not let me sit down and eat. I wake up in a sweat and am 99% guaranteed to be hypo or just off it.

Intriguing question!

Had a nightmare about being lost in a strange city & couldn’t find my hotel. Felt sure I knew where it was, but wasn’t able locate it & couldn’t remember the name. Panic & fear, all alone. Kept walking the same streets, but never found it. All around me there were people having fun, dressed up for an evening out. No food in the dream or a sense of being a diabetic, but it must have been a diabetic dream of isolation & never getting where I should be. Other than this one, I’m not diabetic in dream land.

interesting question.

actually, a typical diabetic doesnt necessarily walk around stabbing themself all the time while worrying about hypos, just like james bond doesnt shoot ppl 24/7, but only in the right situation. so i guess i would only notice i was diabetic if i were having a meal in my dream.

realistically, as i dont use a pump, u can never really tell that im diabetic unless my pockets were searched, or unless u were lucky to catch me during the 10 secs of injecting myself.

so i guess i am yet to have a dream about having a hypo

I had been living with T-1 for over 40 years before I dreamed about diabetes. Prior to that 1st, and so far only dream, I had considered my dream life as a D-free zone. Dream-land, the one place that I enjoyed a vacation from the Big D. Oh well…

I have read that people with diabetes are nightmare prone, has anyone else heard this?

I can’t say that I have heard that but I do have a lot of night terrors - night terrors are when you wake up screaming but don’t remember what you dreamed about.