Incient at work

Came to work last night in surprise that the police wanted to speak to me due to a violance report they had received. My supervisor along with HR personal and police officer had sat down asking me how things were going. I had said everything is going well and have no complaints.

They had said we have received a report that there was a concern for my safety / others safety at work to a threatening letter that was found.

They asked if I have any grundges or anger toward anyone in the work place or outside of work. I told them no. Told them I work alone in my own office and keep to myself and think I do a superior job.

It was agreed that my work performance is excellent along with no complaints.

So I instantly asked them so that I'm not understanding what issue we are having here if I'm doing a good job and no one has a complaint against me. Since I barely interact with anyone in the work place. I told them I keep my door closed and window blinds barely open at times, due to distractions with only a light on in the office.

HR handed me a paper and was advised they had found it on my desk and someone had picked it up when picking up paper work and accidently grabbed another papers.

I read the paper and just started to laugh. It was a letter to my pump and my glucose / lacent that I'm tried of them hurting me sometimes. Wrote the the lancent that I'm tired of you making me bleed and punching me with sharp objects and making me bleed my blood, my glucose meter for give me bad numbers and making the insulin pump delivering the punishment of drugs and the infusion set leaving it's marks where no one can see.

It was alittle bit more dramatic in putting a letter together like it was a death sentance. It was just a creative writting letter I had to write after getting a bad report on my blood panels last week. I needed to vent.

I didn't put the devices names in the letter, I had given the devices names. I looked at them and told them this was a letter in related to my diabetes. I pulled my shirt up and showed them the marks that the infusion set leaves at times. Told them after awhile in having to do this you need to vent your fusterations. Told them I'm someone who needs to write to vent my anger, fusterations.

I've been a diabetic since I was a baby and found writting works best. I wrote a creative letter in creative writting class that got the teachers concerned and got hold of my parents.

My pump started to beep to me in demanding me to check my blood sugars. I looked at the pump and said to them, see it's demanding me to check my blood sugars. Told them if i ignore it, that it will demand once again and again. I reached for my glose montior checked my levels, and needed to give insulin.

Told them I do this every day, day in and day out. I have a pump that bosses me around and poor things is part of technology tattles on me in the end and I get in trouble with my doctor.

My supervisor said we should have checked with you before getting all concerned. Told them I'm very much an extentric person so at times it's best to ask.

It was cleared up with the person who came in my office to grab papers and now when walking down the hall he turns the other way.....

I just have to sit back and laugh in all the work that was involved in getting my supervisor, HR, the police department involved..

Hahaha!! That is a really funny story. I've heard stories about many other people who similarly write letters to their diabetes (I think Kerri has done this on her blog " as have a few others. I know I have composed MANY such letters in my head. I agree it's a good way to get out your frustrations regarding something that NEVER leaves you alone. Ever. Perhaps, just to solidify your case, you could forward them a couple of those similar blog posts...maybe it will help them understand that there are lots of folks who struggle with this.

Just curious, was everything ok? Did you feel they were understanding once the misunderstanding was cleared up?

I would try to get it in writing that nothing will come of this incident and it was deemed non actionable. I am always skeptical when companies do this. Keep a copy of the report with everybody's signatures.

That gives a whole new definition to "Diabetes Police!"

well at least we know your HR dept get right on things and act. Kudos to them and your supervisor. Kind of funny. Glad its worked out ok!