Incorrect basal rates after switching pumps

Hi. I wonder if people have similar experiences.

I just temporarily switched from Medtronic 640g to Accu-chek Combo. I had steady BG values with the basal rates at my old pump so I copied them to the new pump.

The basal rate on my new pump seems to be way too low.
Before I increase basals I’d like to know if others faced the same issue?

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Years ago when I was switching between Animas and Medtronic, I always had to change settings. Something due to the way each one delivered the basal (timing etc.)

Are you using similar infusion sets?

I also switched to medtroinic a few months back and initially set the basal wrong. I can’t explain the difference but it takes a little concentration and a good grasp of your basal pattern to set the medtronic to duplicate the correct values.