Increased anxiety watching sensor


Not exactly. the first day is problematic. After that, is generally is equally accurate for at LEAST the next 6 days. generally accurate for a total (for me, specifically) of roughly 9-10 days. Not everyone has the same results and of course, the G6 is a different animal and I’ve not used it but you can read lots of comments about it here and elsewhere.


Dee, I eat lots of fruit, lentils, potatoes, rice, all kinds of vegetables, legumes, seeds, etc. It satisfies me because it is all non processed and extremely healthy.


I used to get 2 good weeks out of one sensor with accuracy being about 80%. I always found that when it rises it usually rises higher than what it actually is and the same for lower. I’m not due for another pump til Feb.2021. I have heard talk about the g6 being accurate and no fingersticks to calibrate it. I sure hope that the rise I have been getting hasn’t caused any I’ll effects as it doesn’t stay there for very long.


Inserted a new G6 sensor last night which proved to be immediately fritzy after the warmup was completed. I turned the Basal IQ off on my pump and just did a fingerstick 2 hours after dinner and at bedtime-took a minor correction bolus as needed and went to sleep.

This morning the sensor looked like it had calmed down but looked like it was running a bit high and it was by 30 points so I tried to calibrate it which was promptly rejected and asked for a repeat calibration after X time. I gave it about half an hour, entered another one and it’s working fine now. Turned the Basal IQ back on.

I just plan on half of day one of a new sensor to be buggy, don’t sweat it, and do as I do. One of the Dexcom tech support peeps told me sometimes the best remedy is to ignore the repeat calibration prompts and leave it alone until it settles down which in my experience it has. While I’d truly like no calibration sticks or having to use the meter to test, I think having to do 3 or 4 for one day out of 10 is still a win.

Always remember that you are more than being defined by a single measure at any one given time.


My lunch has been out of sorts for about the last 10 days. I did a basal test when I noticed I was getting undesirable results. It was all good but now I’m thinking that it might be my carb ratio. The same with supper. I haven’t had a chance to test my supper basal as I am always correcting for lunch.


Very well said. Dee, you can do everything by the book, eat the same, do everything the same and next day results can be significantly up or down. Remember we only can guess via basal rates how much sugar our liver is releasing but it can change. We never know. Plan and consider what caused certain highs and lows but equally important to be able to simply react to highs and lows.


I am seeing my endocrinologist on the 14th. I am going to ask him alot of questions. I even saw my DE on the first of Feb. but the things she suggested did not seem to work. My sugar has never reacted this way. I am approaching menopause. Maybe that has something to do with it. I sure hope I can solve things. I might be overreacting about my highs but at least when I go high I don’t stay there for very long. I wish I could try the 670 pump on a trial basis. If I do their upgrade for 1300$ I can’t get back my 630


Other than feeling a little overwhelmed by my blood sugar I feel pretty good if that is any sign.


I eat the same thing for lunch at least 6 days out of seven for lunch. I’m wondering, What do you think if if I were to do a temp basal for the hour that I rise?


It sounds like you have gotten so great ideas fro a nuts and bolt side of your problem. I will say, I had the same problem as you with the flipping out when the numbers were not in target. I beat myself up regularly when I was too high. It took me awhile to realize if the number was higher than I wanted, I did have to give the correction time. And like you I get very unhappy when I’m higher than I want. It took me awhile to learn that being out of range once in awhile, I wasn’t doing major damage. As long as I was working on bringing it down, it was going to be ok. Do I get antsy when I run high? You bet! But I no longer beat myself up for it. I just try and fix it, learn from it and move on.
Most times I am in the out of range targets,it is something I did. Most times, pre bolus timing is off based on what my current blood sugar is or it is a miscalculation on carb counting. But I just now fix it and move on. This disease doesn’t always play fair! Good luck with the reports! I will say knowledge is power and all the info you can get from those reports is golden!


I find that you all have so much difficultywith D. I do not feel so sorry for myself. I wish we could all grow a pancreas. It really sucks but we are still alive.


@joakim I could have a lot worse diseases than diabetes. I wouldn’t trade it for cancer, MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers…


If you are born with type 1 diabetes, you will never get to alzheimers,parkinsons or the like of elderly people.


Amen Dave. I am a nurse for a hospice and will keep my diabetes any day. It is a pain and takes a lot of work but can be controlled. Sometimes I think I’m lucky that I have to pay attention to what I eat. Also, when I read what other people are going through on blogs I realize I’m doing ok. Amazing how every story is so different.


If your basal is otherwise fine for the rest of the day, I’d say to leave it alone. Have you tried prebolusing or taking an extended bolus? You might need to increase your carb coverage ratio for lunchtime (breakfast is my hardest time of the day and I have a higher ratio). Have you tried eating a no-carb lunch and seeing what that does to your BGs?


I was at my wits end trying to figure out what was happening l am 52y/o and my body isn’t as sensitive to insulin anymore. It was my carb ratio. It worked yesterday like a dream. I was 7.8mmol before after 2 hours afterward I was 8.8mmol. I am feeling like I am more stabilized now.:blush:


“ Worry is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere?” Vance Havner

Oh Dee I can so relate to your anxiety over this CGM. When I first got mine I went crazy checking it. And for some unknown reason I cannot get the clarity reports on my computer. I’ve talked to tech support a number of times. They sent me a new CGM and it still doesn’t work so obviously it must be the computer. So I have now determined to prick my finger anytime I want to increase or decrease my blood sugar because sometimes I’ve found that CGM can be up to 30 points different than what the CGM is telling me. And yes the literature says this can happen.

Also remember try to take your insulin 15 minutes before a meal. That is really helpful in keeping your BS in line. And it takes sometimes up to. 2 hours for your BS to come back to normal after a meal. Carbs are a real culprit with diabetes, as are fats. I try to avoid them as much as possible.

Also I strongly suggest Adam Brown’s book, Bright Spots and Landmines. He’s a diabetic and it is filled with great advice on how to handle this disease.


I am feeling much better over my control. I at least are now having after meal bloodsugars on target. Yes, I always try to bolus 10-15 minutes before eating if I’m not too low. My insulin -carb ratio is the only thing that changed. My basals haven’t increased.


As DonR suggested, do a finger stick if you’re uncomfortable with the number you’re seeing. As much as I love Dexcom for the help it provides, its accuracy does vary. I have at times thought the Dexcom number couldn’t be right and when I did a finger stick, it did show that that there was a significant spread in the numbers.