Increasing fasting blood sugar insight

When I was first diagnosed with LADA, my fasting blood sugars were anywhere from the 70’s to the low 90’s occasionally. Over the past couple of weeks though, I’ve noticed my fasting BG has been no lower than the upper 80’s with majority of the readings being 95 and up. It has been 105 and higher on quite a few occasions (I even caught a 117 after 9 hours with no food :grimacing:). My post prandial spikes are staying the same as they have been (spiking to 160-190 with high carb meals and keeping spikes under 130/140 with lower carb meals). Can anyone make sense of this or is it just LADA and my pancreas making up their own rules again?

There are about a million factors that affect fasting BG including diet, stress, exercise, the weather (not kidding), hormone levels and issues, how basal insulin is absorbed and how much of it was destroyed by the immune system at the injection site, etc etc. As the years go by into your diagnosis you will start to see more fluctuations as a result of these variables unfortunately. I am often changing my basal rates on my pump or adjusting my Levemir doses when on MDI to compensate. Also remember fasting BG isn’t always really fasting. Some meals take hours to digest and a component of them will digest 6-8 hours later. This means more insulin is needed to deal with them hours later to avoid rising BG.

I’m starting to realize that the only thing harder to predict and understand than LADA is the million and one things that can make insulin production and blood sugar go haywire. I don’t take any insulin currently so unfortunately, I am at the mercy of my pancreas deciding when it wants to lower my blood sugar and by how much with no way to influence it through exogenous sources. Hopefully, starting insulin will give me at least some sort of control over it.

While I do not minimize the difficulty and frustration caused by your situation, you still can use exercise to influence the trend of your blood glucose levels.

I think your awareness and deliberate efforts to control your glucose, to the extent you can, is a positive factor in your favor.

You don’t have to do much exercise either, I find a 20 minute walk will lower my bg by 2 points. Maybe just running up and down some stairs would do as well if time is limited.

I had to laugh when I read the run up and down the stairs for a few minutes! I do that more times than I care to admit. The dogs think i’m Nuts but running up and down the stairs for 5 or 10 minutes can do wonders for a blood sugar heading up. Doesn’t take much!

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